8 Most Luxury Hotels in Bangkok to Book

hotels in bangkok

Bangkok is a city of luxury. The beautiful and elegant spots of Bangkok attract visitors over the year. People love to spend their holidays in Bangkok to enjoy the views of the city. Bangkok creates a separate area in everybody’s heart with many romantic places and stunning views.

Also, the hotels and the restaurants of Bangkok give fantastic service to each guest. People want to stay in luxurious hotels in Bangkok to get the unique features. By the way, you will never find any cheap hotels in Bangkok. Each hotel is full of elegant and classy features.

Moreover, to make your Bangkok holiday more special, this article suggested the eight most elegant hotels in Bangkok. Let’s check out these below and book your Bangkok Pattaya tour packages with Roaming Routes.

8 Most Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

With many beautiful features, interior work, and impressive structures, the hotels of Bangkok give fantastic hospitality. Here is the list of some luxury hotels in Bangkok which provide the best experience to you.

Siam Kempinski

Siam Kempinski hotel in bangkok

Among many 5 star hotels in Bangkok, Siam Kempinski is charming and full of luxury. Views from inside this hotel provide visitors with awe-inspiring experiences. However, the hospitality of this luxurious hotel provides happiness to each guest. The water fountain, garden, rooms, and pool of this luxury hotel give unbeatable comfort to the guests. Moreover, this hotel has 397rooms, and each room is decorated with many luxurious things. Guests of this hotel enjoy the balcony views, which give them many beautiful memories. The innovative structure of this hotel is full of modern arts and paintings. Besides this, with many restaurants, this 5-star hotel of Bangkok gives a fantastic experience to each guest.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental hotel in bangkok

Another luxurious hotel in Bangkok city is Mandarin Oriental. There are many beautiful views from this old five-star hotel. The Chao Phraya River views from this hotel surprise visitors the most. You can take a ride on a boat rental mount dora in the river, However, the classy aspects of this hotel provide an incredible experience to each visitor. Mandarin Oriental welcomes many celebrities every year. They offer great security services to the celebrities. One fantastic thing about this hotel is the breakfast buffet in front of the river, which provides peace to every guest. The classy spa near the river gives every service to each visitor. By the way, the hospitality and service of this hotel make it different from others.

St. Regis Bangkok

With 227 rooms and 51 suites, the St. Regis Bangkok provides excellent service to the guests. Bangkok’s classy and fabulous hotel is located in the center of the city. Nonetheless, this hotel boasts a spectacular Royal Sports Club for its guests to enjoy. The views from the hotel bar give a fantastic experience. But the most incredible thing about the hotel is the horse race view from the sports club. The guests enjoy their holiday with lots of outstanding service in this hotel. The interior work of this hotel overwhelmed the guests. By the way, here you get the best Italian food in Bangkok. The city view, nearby shopping malls, and the tasty food of the restaurant increase the level of the St. Regis Bangkok. Big Banyan Vineyard

Okura Prestige Bangkok

With 24 floors, the Okura Prestige is the best hotel in Bangkok. The lobby of the hotel provides beautiful skyline views of Bangkok city. The hotel’s luxurious rooms include a rain shower, a well-furnished couch, and a comfortable bed. Besides this, the bars, dining choice, and the exterior of this hotel welcome many guests over the year. By giving beautiful service, The Okura Prestige Bangkok pampers the guests. The best feature of this 5-star hotel is Japanese-style bidets. Here you also find the stunning hi-tech state-of-the-art toilets, which is its specialty. However, this 5-star hotel offers modern logical cuisine to the guests. The cocktail and soothing music of the hotel give a beautiful experience to the guests.

Sukhothai Bangkok

The beautiful structure and architecture of Sukhothai Bangkok make it attractive among all the luxurious hotels. With 200 stunning rooms, this five-star hotel provides hospitality to each guest. Besides this, this hotel’s rooms give unique garden and lotus pond views. People love to spend their holidays at this destination as it provides stunning service. By the way, the interior work of the hotel is pleasant to every heart. However, this hotel is near Lumphini Park and the British embassy. People love to experience the hospitality of the hotel and beautiful site views.

The Peninsula Bangkok

The modern architecture of the Peninsula hotel is located on the side of the Chao Phraya River. However, this hotel’s beautiful interior design, fantastic spa, and dining system make it different from others. By the way, here you can experience the bath with television views. Many special programs are arranged for the guests of this hotel. The outstanding views of the hotel welcome many people worldwide. The service quality of this hotel is excellent and stunning. At an affordable price, one can spend its holiday in the Peninsula Bangkok hotel. However, if you want to experience many beautiful architectures and spectacular views of Bangkok, you must visit this five-star hotel.

The Siam, Bangkok

However, with lots of luxurious features, this five-star hotel of Bangkok tries to provide a romantic experience to its guests. The ultra-luxurious hotel offers elegant views for the guests. However, with lots of vintage collections, the hotel’s interior looks stunning. Each side and wall of the hotel is full of many arts and paintings that give the visitors a fantastic view. The rooms, gym, spa, and restaurant of this beautiful hotel welcome many classy guests over the year. The private pools and the terrace view of this hotel are excellent. This hotel offers dining in teak houses along with the river.


One of the classic hotels of Bangkok is the Shangri-la hotel. This hotel provides an excellent way to spend your vacation with a beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River. You will feel same as you are living in a Beachfront resort Rocky Point. The lobby and the luxurious rooms of this hotel provide an antique experience to the guests. However, the excellent restaurant and the hospitality of this hotel melt every guest’s heart. However, each room of this hotel has a balcony which gives a beautiful sunset view of the Chao Phraya River.


Briefly, you will get excellent hotels in Bangkok. Each hotel in Bangkok provides extraordinary service to its guests. However, you can comfortably spend your holidays in the above suggested five-star hotels.

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