How You’re Expected To Look At Different Events

When going to a party, concert, or interview, you are expected to look and act a certain way. Normally, you can get away with almost any wardrobe choice at casual events. For more formal events though, you better make sure you look the part too. How you speak and your body language says a lot about you and your personality. However, before you speak or walk in, what you wear speaks volumes about you. This makes the style you choose significantly much more important, at least initially. 

You’d be surprised at how common it is to often come across differently than who you are. This is because much of the judgement and impression building is due to our clothes. Wearing what’s expected of us is the bare minimum we need to do. Going one step further and enhancing that style is what may set you apart. If you are interested in better interviews, unique party styles and much more then this article is for you. Below are a set of expectations for the average joe on what to wear. Details and tips on how to look the part but better are also given. 


1: Parties

Arguably the most forgiving event in terms of what you wear is parties. Informal parties are usually hosted at houses or large open parks. These are events designed for people to let loose and relax. There are no restrictions at events like these and you can wear pretty much what you like. We recommend going with a wardrobe choice in which you are comfortable. There are however a few tips we have if you want some double-takes


House parties tend to be crowded and dense with people. Therefore we recommend casual wear that reflects you. This can include printed hoodies, tapered or cut jeans, and even a funky hat or two. Spilling drinks and the occasional bump or two is common at parties. This means you should avoid wearing flashy or premium articles of clothing. You wouldn’t want to ruin that dress or shirt you were betting on. 


Parties hosted in parks can be a whole different ball game. The crowd is less dense and there is more manoeuvrability available. This opens up your choices a little bit more. Experimenting with different styles and what looks best in the night sky is the right way to go. We recommend some thick articles of clothing in case it gets too cold or rainy. Custom Parka Jackets, knitted sweaters, and even colored gloves get the job done. 


2: Interviews

Interviews are despised and dreaded by many. This is one social occasion where you know you will be judged as much as possible. Brushing up on skills such as how you speak and your tone is needed. How you look and the way you carry yourself are just as important. You do not want to come across as too casual or trying too hard in these events. This is why we recommend a style that ranges from semi-formal to formal wear. 


What’s expected of you is a combination of checkered shirts, pants, business coats, etc. This is what you and most of your other peers will be expected to wear. Fortunately, there are ways you can make a better first impression than your peers. The solution is a thing called proper fitting. Any article clothing fitted to perfection for you makes you look that much better. It is highly recommended to purchase fitted clothes or convert old clothes into the right size. You will come across as professional and someone who knows how to take care of yourself. 


3: Expo Events

Expo events are less about individuals and more about general entertainment. These include massive scale gaming events, sports, technology, and much more. The most famous of these events are hosted in Las Vegas. Many companies utilize Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas beforehand to plan. One thing common across all Expo events is long lines, waiting periods, and a thick crowd. Since we are not looking to impress anyone here, the clothing should lean towards comfortability.


Some of these events are hosted in broad daylight in large open spaces. You do not want to be dressed to the brim and suffer from the intense heat later on. In this case, it is advised to see a weather report beforehand. You never know when it could rain either. After that, go with articles of clothing you know will get you through the day. Shorts and tropical shirts look amazing but also keep you cool on sunny days. Raincoats and wide-soled shoes will help you on any rainy day.



In truth, many of us consider what we wear as the last priority for these events. What we do not realize is that how we look can make or break our day. Consider dressing nice a priority and remind yourself of the benefits. This can be the difference between a successful interview and a failed one. Above all else, you must wear something you feel at ease in. Your happiness and well-being should be above what others expect of you.

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