Expert tips to get better together

It is normal for relationships to fall into the lull of life. The honeymoon period cannot last forever, but if your relationship is in a rut, you should be concerned.

While nobody is expecting your relationship to be always high, if the lows are far too much and too deep, then it is something that needs to be fixed.

Most often, the issues start with physical contact, which becomes relevant even when it was not the issue to begin with. In the former, you sex life starts to wane. In the latter, conflicts and friction otherwise causes lack of intimacy, as many people use withholding sex as a form of punishment, and that then leads to issues with sex life.

If the patch is very rough, then you should enlist the help of Best Sexologist in Lahore, especially when your issues are focused on your love life. If that is the only thing that is going well for you, then you might need the help of a marriage counselor.

However, if things are just starting to go awry, you can take immediate steps to prevent things from exacerbating. Some expert tips to combat this problem include:

Break the monotony

When life is in a lull, you jolt it awake by surprise. It does not always have to be something expensive and blingy –but it does not not have to be as well! –but simple gestures can also go a long way.

Make them breakfast in bed. Treat them to a spa session. Invite them to a dinner at a new place. Help them around the house. Do things that your partner will appreciate and thank you for. Also, these gifts are for them, and not to satiate your ego.

Letters from Juliet

A cute way of being in each other’s mind is by penning cute little notes that remind your partner of the love you both have. Ask after their day. Express your love. Give them notes about taking care of themselves. These notes can also be raunchy. Just do a tossup if you’re confused what to write.

Know what you mean

Things do tend to get lost in translation. What you meant to say is not necessarily how it was understood by the partner. For example, you might think your partner touches you just for sex, and you might then not respond. However, all they wanted was a reassuring touch and the fact that their partner still desires them.

Therefore, work on figuring out what you both actually mean when you say and do something.

Exciting venue

Sometimes, it gets extremely hard to get in the mood to sexually connect when the walls are paper thin, and your child and mother-in-law, both will get to hear how much you are liking it, honey.

Hence, it also helps in working to change your venue occasionally. Go to a nearby destination, or get a hotel room in the same city, but try to go to places where you can get in the mood and there is no chance of family overhearing.

Read exciting things

When your life is as exciting as watching the paint dry, then perhaps you can benefit from reading material that you can utilize to add some fun to your life. It can be good old romantic books that can get you in the mood, or read more mature content about relationships, expressing love, and human psychology. These will help in broadening your horizon.

Get to the expert

Another expert tip is going to the expert!

While people hesitate when going to the Best Sexologist in Islamabad or a sex therapist because they do not fully grasp how these experts operate, and of course, the taboo nature of these specialties. However, do not get bogged down by ignorance, and get the help that you and your partner need.

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