Windows Treatment Ideas for Small Living Spaces to Look Bigger

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Smaller spaces are some of the most difficult spaces to decorate because of their insufficient storage space, small flooring and wall space and generally cramped living spaces. Homeowners and renters who want to inject their small living spaces with character and style may feel constrained by the restrictions on space in an area that is small, but decorators have devised a range of methods to tackle this issue.

If your room appears to be smaller due to tiny windows – typically located in basements, garages, laundry rooms, garages and other areas that provide the illusion of bigger windows can create the illusion of having more square area. Instead of hanging your window blinds flush with your windows, think about placing them outside the window. There are many ways to make your small space look bigger by adding the best window treatments. Window treatments add privacy and beauty to the area with the benefit of making a place look bigger. There are many window treatment ideas for small places windows. Here we are going to discuss some of the ideas to create a classy look with the style of looking bigger:

Colourful Drapes and Curtains

If you believe that bold-coloured window treatments aren’t a good idea for an area that is small, you’re mistaken. Along with providing visual interest in the smallest of spaces, curtains or roman shades with appealing shades and fabrics such as Teal Velvet or Sapphire Velvet instantly brighten any room that is crowded, without taking up a centimetre of the floor space. Drapes and curtains of bold colours play an important role to make your living area look wider and classy. There are many options available to select the best window drapes and curtains for small spaces that will make them classy.

Valances to Make Window areas Larger

Valances are draped fabrics that beautifully cover the tops of windows. The installation of them will complete your windows’ appearance. They allow light to enter your home, which increases the brightness and expands the space. You can put an air-filtering roller shade beneath curtains to increase the amount of sunlight that shines through your windows and increase the level of privacy that you would like. This type of window treatment is good for the small areas to make them look larger with these treatments.

Window Treatment Colour Matching with Walls

Blinds by colour

Window treatments that are a similar shade to the wall can also help make a tiny room appear bigger. It allows the window treatments to be a part of the wall rather than creating an unnatural contrast. The contrasts in colours can cause your eyes to slow down when looking at a room and make a room appear smaller. When you are going to select the best window treatment for your small area go for the best colour combination that provides you with a bigger appearance. Matching walls with your window treatments is the best way to make the area look bigger.

Roller Shades & Roman Blinds Mixing Fashion with Practical

Another choice for window treatments is pitched ceilings for attic spaces and typically has tiny windows to maximise the impact. Simple roller shades or Cheap roman blinds that are designed to be a perfect fit in the window are ideal to give a clean and tidy appearance. Roman and Roller Blinds are the best window treatments for small areas.

One window treatment that can be visually appealing is a fabric with prints of small size. They should be a part of the decor. A creative way of adding two cushions of similar design can draw your attention towards the ceiling and act as a unifying element.

Custom Shades and Blinds for Small Area

Blinds and shades for windows are an excellent option to make your room appear larger. They can be pulled tightly towards the top of a window and disappear completely. The windows that are open allow sunlight to come into the space and make the room appear light and airy. There are many types of blinds and shades available to give a classy look to any area. Wooden Blinds are one of the best window treatments for small areas to make them wider with a beautiful natural look.


Some places are very small and you want to make them wider with different methods. The best and easy method is to care about your window treatments. These treatments can change the overall look of the area.

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