The Best Window Treatments for your Living Areas

Wooden Blinds in Living Room

Living areas are the main place of the home. They need to be the best in every way. If the living rooms are wide spaces, they will become more attractive and comfortable. If your living area is small you have to decorate it in a way that it looks large and wide. In this regard, window coverings play an important role. When you are going to select the window treatments for your living area, make sure they are going to make your space wide and large.

If you’re trying to make the space appear as big as you can make sure that the window treatments are simple. Avoid layering your window treatments, if you can as well as ensure that all window treatments within the room are identical. Because this will make your space wide and give a beautiful view. Here we are going to discuss some of the window treatment ideas for small spaces that can make your living look large:

Use Drapes and Curtains to Make the Living Space Large

A pair of full-length window curtains with a shade similar to the wall you have in a tiny space draws the attention of any visitor and creates the impression of having more space. Organic cotton drapes can be a great way to brighten an area without overwhelming the other elements of decor within the space. Try them in a lighter neutral hue, like Birch or Bisque to create a boho-inspired style, or go for drapes that have a cool color such as Cool Lavender, to bring the modern look to your room.

Select Lighter Shades When Selecting Shades or Blinds

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Some shades make a striking design and are a great match for your decor and furniture but they also can make small spaces seem more secluded. Colors that are light, on other hand, are great to maximize the square footage of your space. For best results, try choosing shades that feature off-white or white fabrics to maximize the effect. Apart from creating a spacious space white decor can also create peace and tranquillity, especially when paired with plenty of light. Lighter shades of window blinds give a fresh look to the eyes.

Keep in Mind Texture Theory When Selecting Window Treatments

Beware of frills that add the volume of curtains, like pom poms, lace, or layers of fabrics. While visually interesting and texturally appealing (especially during the time a cool breeze is blowing through) but the added fabric could cause the curtains to be larger than they need to. Beware of curtains with bands of fabric that are heavier along the bottom because this kind of design or embellishment can make the drapes heavier and block any height gained when you mount the rod higher up on the wall.

Mixing Style and Practicality When selecting Window Treatment

Small spaces can benefit from window treatments that serve double purposes. Practically speaking the combination of long curtains with blinds or shutters provides the greatest versatility when privacy and warmth are involved. When the curtains have been drawn further insulation from cold winter winds is possible. Closing the shutters in summer is not just a way to keep your privacy but also keeps the room cool too. Select the best style according to your choice and budget. You can mix different styles to make a perfect look while giving a wide look.

Vertical Blinds for Small Areas to look Large

These blinds are custom-made to fit vertical blinds that are attached to a track that can slide open and shut. The elongated vines are free-hanging fabrics that may have PVC inserts to give greater privacy and control of light. They’re incredibly effective and make perfect window treatments to cover large patios, ceiling-to-floor sliding doors, and commercial offices with huge glass windows. They are still an excellent choice for a small or small space.


Living areas are the places that need to be comfortable and welcoming. When you enter a large area this will give you a welcoming look. To create this look window treatments, play an important role. There are different types of window treatments that can make a living look large and classy. You can select the best window treatment for your small space to make it large and stylish.

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