LED? LCD? Which One Is Better for Your Business?

As a marketing entrepreneur, you always have to think about one question: how your business stands out from the other way. To make your store stand out from the crowd, you need to be more than just a real store brand or street brand.

As a result of the research, we found two similar products that could attract the attention of consumers, LED (Light Emitting Diode) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). In Ireland, LCD is a type of commercial display. But considering the strengths and weaknesses, is LCD the best choice for your business? This article describes the difference between LED and LED screen supplier LCD displays.

How are you?

To know which one is best for your business, you need to understand how LEDs and LCD displays work.

Put electroluminescence in a sealed glass case to get a clear focus from the smallest light source. This is how LED screen supplier LED work. The program controls the light based on the LED display and moves each pixel to produce the light. Enterprises can easily integrate to design any screen shape and size.

LCD screens, on the other hand, are similar to water repellents that block the light as a subject. When electricity is emitted, the particles in the filter layer move, blocking and coloring the light.


It is not easy to make the surface too large because the entire surface is a liquid glass cloth. Also, like any other card, there is a margin on the side of the LCD screen.

Advantages of LEDs (compared to LCD)

As shown above, LED screen supplier LCD covers an important segment of the Irish market. As you walk down the street, the LCD screen next to it becomes easier to see. Wait a minute! Can you see the difference between the two pictures below?

The photo on the left is taken on Camden Street. On the right is the famous view of Times Square Street. The two pictures show the strengths and weaknesses of these two types of screens.


The LCD screen is a manufacturer’s composite screen, so anyone can easily install it. However, it is easy for commercial users who want to install a large display such as an outdoor sign. LED screen supplier LED screens have a large number of pixels, so you can easily combine parts to create a large seamless screen.

Color and brightness

To be honest, there is no difference in the colors of the two sides. He has two brightly colored faces that are inseparable from the human eye.

The difference between LED screen supplier LED and LCD is brightness. The LED also emits light. This means that each pixel is a light source. Brightness can be controlled directly by supplying different voltages. The LCD screen cannot emit light. You can only reflect and filter the backlight source. Therefore, to illuminate the LCD screen, you must first turn on the backlight. No matter how hard I try, the LCD looks dark when I look at the pictures. It’s convenient to read on your Kindle, but will your viewers be surprised when you’re done? It’s not a wise choice.

Energy saving

As mentioned above, the LED screen emits light and the LCD screen blocks light. To achieve the same level of brightness, LCDs use much more energy than LEDs. More importantly, most of the energy consumed by the LCD screen is not converted to backlighting, as it blocks backlighting. As a result, LED screen supplier LEDs are a more energy-efficient choice for commercial labels.


Much of the LED display consists of many small LED devices. They are seamlessly connected to give a great picture. If there is a problem with the LED device, the service technician only needs to switch off the power supply and replace small parts of the device. All other devices will not be affected as they are connected in parallel with the damaged device. LED screen supplier LED maintenance costs are very low.

On the contrary, LCD maintenance is expensive. Even if the entire screen is one large screen and there is only one black dot in the corner of the LCD screen, the solution is to switch the entire screen.

Image display quality

When comparing the image quality of LED screen supplier LED and LCD screens, it looks like a bitmap and JPEG image file. LEDs magnify the image without sacrificing sharpness. The disadvantage of the LCD screen is not only the display of moving projects, but too large a screen size can distort the image.

On the contrary, LCD maintenance is expensive. Even if the entire screen is one large screen and there is only one black dot in the corner of the LCD screen, the solution is to switch the entire screen.

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