6 Best Android Torrent Client Apps for Downloading Movies and Video Games

Downloading Movies and Video Games

Torrent clients are apps that are used to process torrent files. A great torrent client will make sure you don’t have to go through many complicated steps to download files. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to start your PC every time you want to download a torrent, we are glad to inform you that now you can even do it on your smartphone.

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There are a number of great torrent clients in the market for androids that you can install and start downloading right away. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of six of these best android torrent clients.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started and see what these torrent apps have to offer

  • LibreTorrent

This great torrent client offers a number of features for making your torrent experience better and more streamlined. You can customize your download directory, set torrents on schedule, and select the only WIFI option so that you do not lose your mobile data accidentally.

This light torrent client has an easy-to-use interface and the best part is it provides its full features without any cost whatsoever.

  • WeTorrent

This torrent client can process both simple and magnet torrents with ease. You can set the downloading bandwidth, browse the download destination, and get valuable information such as estimated download time and percentage download on this app.

WeTorrent supports torrents from a number of sites including tamil movies da, 1337x, the pirate bay, etc. This torrent client stands out for its fewer ads, efficient layout, and great torrent handling.

  • tTorrent Lite

This particular torrent client comes with a built-in search bar that you can use to download torrents faster. It is highly customizable meaning you can even mess around with Ip filtering, and proxy support through this torrent client.

tTorrent is known for its sleek UI and amazingly fast torrent processing. This free android torrent client is sure to help you make your downloading less time-consuming.

  • BitTorrent

This amazing torrent client takes up very little of your device space and offers a great many perks. With this app, you can see your download history, set the download limit, and pause the downloading if you want. 

Even if your internet connection gets interrupted accidentally, this app makes sure your data stays safe and you don’t have to start from zero once it is back on. This torrent client supports external Sd cards and has an integrated media player as well. This eliminates the risk of storage space running out at all.

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  • Checketry

This great torrent app is a combination of a mobile remote, and a desktop downloader app. It allows you to manage your torrents remotely which is great if your device lacks storage and you would prefer downloading on your PC.

This torrent client has some ads but that is not a big issue since they do not interrupt the downloading. There are options for desktop sleep prevention, and a shutdown timer as well. This app gives you full control over your torrents and saves a bunch of your time and energy.

  • uTorrent

The main features of this torrent client include RSS and magnetic links support, unlimited torrent file size, built-in torrent search, and adjustable upload and download speed limits.

With all these and several other useful features, this torrent client makes sure you are able to manage your torrents better than any other client in the market. This client is best for both downloading games from sites like fit girl repack, and for shows and movies from 1337x, YTS.mx, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best torrent clients out there that you can try out for a smooth and simple torrenting experience. Most torrent users prefer these apps due to their easier usage and efficient torrent handling. All of these apps have millions of downloads and a great many positive reviews from torrent users across the globe.

Make sure to always use a suitable virtual private network (VPN) before torrenting to make things risk-free and have fun downloading your favourite apps, movies, shows, and games through these clients.

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