What is the best age for a Lip Filler surgery?

Lip Filler surgery

There is a growing number of women who are opting for lip augmentation to get that perfect pout. Currently, there is a steady increase in the demand for cosmetic enhancement and  Lip Filler Treatment in Melbourne has become the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment and mainstay when you search online for a lip job. In fact, when you happen to scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed, you’ll see how widely popular lip fillers are.

People are now more comfortable when discussing cosmetic treatments unlike in the past decades that getting lip filler surgery should be kept top-secret. Plus, with more celebrities who are known for their beauty and perfection are starting to admit having cosmetic procedures done like lip filler Melbourne has even made people more fascinated and interested in getting lip fillers. What used to be a cosmetic procedure mostly for the older women is now being in demand to a wider age range, from late teens to even women beyond their 60s. 

Is there a right age for getting lip treatment?

The growing popularity of lip filler amongst younger women is growing and mainly due to the constant videos and photos being shared every day across different social media platforms about their lip filler surgery in Melbourne journey and results. With this modern-day means of communication by sharing videos and photos, there has definitely been an increase in younger patients opting for cosmetic procedures. 

It is not surprising that we come across people who have thin lips, either they are born with it or experience thinning of the lips because of aging. Lip Filler Melbourne is more than just smoothing wrinkles, it is also a great way to plump the lips by restoring lost volume and give a more refreshed appearance. Although opting for lip fillers is popular amongst women under 40, it is also highly effective in correcting thinning of the lips in older women. However, there are cases that need more product to obtain maximum results especially if there are wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth area.  Generally, there is no age limit for this treatment. One can begin to receive the treatment as early as their twenties or in their late fifties. Different age brackets have different reasons and aesthetic goals as to why opting for the treatment.

Just like wearing sunscreen, lip filler treatment can be part of your self-care routine. Many young women in their 20s to 40s are opting for lip fillers to create a full lip to augment their lips or just to enhance their smile. While those in their 50s are more in restoring the lost volume and a great option to have a refreshed and rejuvenated look. 

Why is lip treatment increasingly popular?

For the younger patients – Selfies, celebrities, influencers and social media

The younger patients are the most active users of smartphones and social media experts. Not only do they rule social media, but they are also exceptionally aware of how they look in videos and photos. They are most fascinated with selfies and willingly sharing videos and photos in full color across the different social media platforms. The immense volume of photos and videos through different social media has contributed to the stable increase in the demand for lip filler treatments as well as other cosmetic procedures. Aside from taking selfies, there is a significant number of people who are emulating the looks of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Scarlet Johansen, Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé who gained admiration for their sexy large lips. This has then changed the culture in cosmetic procedures, only recently that we can copy celebrities’ facial features like their lips through lip fillers. In the past, having an enhancement cosmetically could not be discussed openly as it is considered taboo and only in modern times-the present day has it made it less taboo. Society has then dramatically opened up and is more comfortable in discussing lip fillers treatment and any other cosmetic procedure in general.

For the older patients – there is no upper age limit 

Lip fillers are known to plump lips, restore lost volume due to aging and are very popular amongst women in their 20s to 40s. As a matter of fact, older patients respond well to lip treatments and are fairly effective in aging-related thinning of the lips although it may take a couple of lip filler injections especially if there are lines and wrinkles around the mouth area. 

Cosmetic treatments and procedures, in general, have come a very long way. It has now been accepted by society and has become modern-day self-care for both men and women alike. Australian celebrities are more open and transparent about the procedures that they had to further enhance their look this has then become the game changer and has the effect of normalising cosmetic procedures including lip filler treatments. To know more about your options in looking great, you may book your personalised consultation at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors who specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

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