How to create the perfect picture with incase

Incase recently published an amazing article about how to take the perfect picture with their incase art series. If you own this product, then you should definitely check out this article because it contains information that will help you use your case to its fullest potential and create the best possible picture you can!

The importance of photography

Capturing beautiful pictures is no easy task, but we can all agree that it’s worth every second. Whether you plan on using photography as a profession or hobby, knowing how to take a good photo is important. Learning how to use your camera settings and equipment will help create stunning photos. Here are some basic tips for beginner photographers

How to take better photos using your phone

Although it’s easy to snap quick pictures on your phone, there are more ways that you can take professional photos using a smartphone. Some cameras come equipped with features like timelapse or slow-motion capture, as well as high dynamic range (HDR), panorama and other modes. For example, incase’s Capture camera case comes equipped with a 180° swivel ball joint, allowing you to quickly adjust and optimize for lighting conditions.      (Click Here)

Choose your background carefully

if you have a solid, contrasting background, make sure it’s something you don’t mind having your photo against for life. And if that leaves you feeling like you need more art than just what’s in your head (see below), Incase has curated an extensive library of artist-created artwork especially for their cases. From self-expressive patterns to historical paintings and cityscapes, Incase Art gives you many unique ways to express yourself—through pictures, not words.

Practice Makes Perfect

A great piece of art is not born out of a single stroke of inspiration, but rather after hundreds and hundreds of failed tries. If you want to produce works that will be remembered for centuries (or even weeks), you need to take your time and practice drawing for hours upon hours. Here are a few things you can do to become a better artist

Stand out by being weird

Don’t try to be a cute kid. Explore art and design without fear. Get messy and loud, whatever you feel like doing…just get creative! That’s our mission at incase. To inspire kids—and everyone else, too—to be weird in every way they can imagine.

What is Incase Art?

Incase Art is an app for those who love a great and eye-catching photo. The best thing about Art is that you can choose from different artwork and backgrounds, turn your photos into art, and share them all on social media networks. It is also available on other platforms such as Apple TV, Macs, iPhones and iPads. The app has large templates which makes sharing easier than ever before. You can easily design new images right in your smartphone or tablet.

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