Workplace Grievances: How To Handle Them Effectively?

Employees are a valuable asset of an organization. It takes their blood, sweat and tears to achieve corporate goals and deliver standard performance. However, certain situations arise when they feel dissatisfied with the workplace or the management.

It is the responsibility of a human resource manager to handle grievances at the workplace. Suppose the grievances are not resolved in time. In that case, it can decrease your employee’s morale, result in inefficiency, increase absenteeism and lawsuits that will require you to contact credible law firms in Dubai.

Here’s how to you handle a workplace grievance for timely resolution:

Create An Effective System

The first step is to structure a grievance redressal system that will systematically facilitate employees to lodge complaints and grievances. It can resolve them in the light of corporate law. It would help if you considered involving grievance policy in employees’ handbooks to access it easily.

Assign someone from the Human Resource (HR) department the responsibility for grievance receipts. It would be best to assure your employees that their complaints will be confidential and placed in confidence. It is essential because it can involve personal matters. Involving trusted and authentic people prevents the risk of spreading words about the issue in the workplace.

In addition, the place of receiving complaints must be within everyone’s reach. For instance, if you are using a grievance box, it should be in the area of common accessibility. The assigned employees must forward complaints promptly. A specific schedule should be structured to determine the level of responsiveness within a particular period.

Acknowledge the Grievances

When an employee walks into your office, they expect you to lend them an ear as they can vent about what has offended them. Good managers must listen to their employees. It makes them capable of making a sound decision. Therefore, allow your employees to express themselves, after which you will assist them in acknowledging their grievances formally.

It assures employees to return to their workstation with the confidence that someone listened to their issues and are willing to take action about them. As a result, the environment will improve, and this step proves conducive for productive activities to continue.

Act Immediately And Collect Facts

Once you have acknowledged the grievance systematically, the next step is to set on a mission to reveal the truth. The objective is to determine if the employee’s allegations are valid in reflection of the affairs.

Your objective should be to ensure long-term results. A formal complaint should be addressed to prevent employees from coming back again with the same issue. The pivotal step is to identify the root cause of the problem and solve the issue.


It is essential to inquire about the incidents and gather relevant information. If it involves other staff members, allow them to explain and share their side of the story. They should put forward their own piece of information.

Hold A Formal Meeting

The employee with grievance and relevant parties should be invited for a formal hearing. The employees must put forward evidence that supports their complaint and explain how they expect the problem to be resolved.

Take A Decision

It is the point at which you must make a decision. Don’t wait too long to act when you have all of the information. If too much time passes before meaningful action is done, there may be some disturbance. It will only exacerbate the problems.

You should address these official objections as soon as possible before things get out of hand. Once you have gathered all of the necessary facts and thoroughly assessed the issue, decide upon the solution.

Furthermore, you may choose to accept the grievance in whole or in part, or you may choose to reject it entirely. It would be helpful to inform the employee in writing about the decisions you intend to take. At the same time, you may counsel the employee on how to handle circumstances.

Review Your Decision

It is a healthy habit to have an objective look at your decision. You did an excellent job handling the issue if the employees were satisfied with the resolution. It can influence your company’s culture. If your decision ensured justice, it should be considered included in the policy. It will foster a sense of pride and accountability.

Final Thoughts

By UAE Labour Law, each company should have a grievance policy in place. The formal document will help employees file their complaints and set forth the process. It outlines a systematic approach to ensure accountability, fair treatment and justice. Therefore, follow steps and make a sound decision depending upon the evidence gathered. 

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