How to Neutralize the Bitter Taste of Kratom

Kratom consumers are well aware that the plant has an awful flavor. Earthy, bitter, and pungent are some of the most common flavors associated with kratom. Reducing bitterness in your kratom regimen can improve your experience significantly; however, how you neutralize bitter flavors depends on your taste buds. It is, nevertheless, feasible to combine bitter sensations with salty-sweet flavors. Even a tiny amount of salt can make a big difference. 



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So, what triggers our taste buds to detect bitter flavors first? This is not clear to researchers yet. Evolution is one of the most popular explanations for our ability to detect bitterness. According to this explanation, our taste buds evolved bitter recognitions to help us recognize toxic plants in the environment.   

This is consistent with another theory: our preference for sweet flavors stems from evolutionary adaptations to bitterness. Humans can reduce the irritation in their cuisine by using sweet flavors. And, if humans have linked bitter flavors with poison or danger over time, it’s only natural that sweetness would explain how to counteract them.   

The Best Ways to Make Kratom Taste Less Bitter  

Kratom has a strong bitter taste to it. The strong, spicy flavor of kratom might be overwhelming for newcomers. However, this is not enough reason to avoid taking this awesome herb. To prevent torturing their taste buds, they may choose to put kratom powder into gelatin capsules and then consume the pills.   

On the other hand, Tossing and washing is the quickest and most effective way to get kratom into your system. You place a teaspoon of powder on your tongue and then drink grapefruit juice or coffee to wash it down. To remove kratom residue from your teeth, consume a few olives or grapes. We’ve covered the science underlying lowering bitterness and the evolutionary features that enable humans to detect bitter flavors in the first place. But what are some specific techniques to make your favorite kratom products taste less bitter?  

This article will explore several ways to make kratom taste less repugnant:

Use Fruit Juice instead of water.

Toss n wash, the most common method of consuming kratom, involves drinking water after throwing some kratom powder into your mouth. 

This method involves using fruit juice and not water to wash the kratom down. It can get rid of the aftertaste and altogether remove the bitterness. 

After buying mitragyna white kratom in stock for pain relief, order some fruit juice to wash it down as well. Fruit juice like mango juice, apple juice, etc., will work well with kratom.

Bitter Kratom Flavors Can Be Balanced With Coffee

As previously said, regular kratom users have grown acclimated to the herb’s bitter taste. If you’re not used to its natural, earthy flavor, consider mixing it with a bitter flavor you’re used to, such as coffee. To take it a step further, add a pinch of chocolate to your morning coffee to get a mocha-like kratom infusion that mixes salty-sweet flavor profiles with the more pleasant bitterness of coffee.


Photo by Cici Hung on Unsplash

Combine Kratom with Honey, Lemon Juice, and Others

Many users prefer this method for consuming kratom – using it with candy or other food. Kratom powder can be sprinkled on food like puddings. 

It is possible to also roll it into peanut butter, which can be spiced up using cinnamon and honey. This will help mask the taste so you can enjoy the kratom in peace.

Find Your Kratom Tea Variety

This article already discussed how adding salt to your kratom tea might help reduce the bitterness. On the other hand, Tea appeals to a wide range of people, making it an ideal vehicle for your daily dose of kratom. More robust, overly fermented teas, in our experience, do a better job at disguising the bitterness of kratom. Infuse your favorite kratom powder into black teas, season with a sprinkle of salt and a pinch of sugar, and enjoy!  

Kratom Chocolate Milk

With a little bit of creativity, you can make kratom chocolate milk. Many people love it because it can cancel out the bitter kratom flavor from some strains. 

It is simple to do as you only need to add one or two teaspoons of chocolate spread. This will prevent the kratom powder from sticking when you mix it. Then add the required kratom powder amount.

You can add more chocolate spread if you like. Pour some milk or yogurt and mix it thoroughly to allow a uniform combination. This will enable the kratom to dissolve so it can balance the taste. 

Choosing Kratom Capsules

The simplest way to eliminate the bitter taste of kratom is to remove the capacity to taste it entirely. Use kratom pills to do so! If your kratom product does not flow directly through your taste buds, you won’t be able to detect the taste and flavor of kratom.  

Capsules present a good channel for the kratom powder to be transported to your system. With this, you need not worry about the taste. 

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Final Thoughts

The bitter taste of kratom should not discourage you from getting all the incredible benefits that this powerful herb has to offer. Fortunately, you can mask the repugnant taste in many ways, without sacrificing the quality of kratom. This article has explored six tested tips to enjoy kratom without exposing your taste bud to the bitter effect of kratom.

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