Nowadays it is mandatory to install a child car seat to be able to travel with a baby in a car. Nevertheless, 9 out of 10 parents do not know how to go about it. Here are some tips for installing a baby seat correctly in the car.

Although there is a wide variety of infant car seats available on the market, there are only two car seat installation systems:

Car seat with seat belt attachment

This type of seat is suitable for all car models. Thus, these baby car seats can be easily transferred from one car to another. They offer more safety than a car seat with an Isofix system.

Its only drawback lies in its installation. Installing this kind of baby car seat is much more complicated. Because of this, it is incorrectly installed by most parents. The protection of the baby is greatly reduced, especially in the event of a collision.

Car seat with Isofix installation system

This kind of baby car seat is easy to install thanks to specially designed and dedicated fasteners. However, only vehicles that have left the factory since 2011 are equipped with this fixing system. They are also more expensive than car seats with seat belt attachments. In addition, they remain very reliable and offer excellent safety performance, in particular by keeping the baby firmly in place. In addition, they are easier to install than models with seat belt attachments.

Where to install the baby car seat?

To avoid exposing the baby to danger, it is recommended to install it in the middle of the rear seat of the vehicle. The right rear seat behind the passenger is also safer than the left one.

The baby car seat can also be installed in the front. However, try to avoid this seat as much as possible, unless all the rear seats are already occupied. To protect the baby, the airbag must be deactivated for a rear-facing seat. The airbag can cause very serious injuries or even lead to the death of the baby if it deploys.

For forward-facing seats installed in the front, it is not necessary to deactivate the airbag. You just have to move the seat back to prevent the cushion from reaching the child.

Installing a baby seat correctly in the car

A car seat must be installed correctly to guarantee the comfort and safety of the baby.

For car seats with belt attachment:

  • Read the instructions carefully. In addition, the manufacturers have provided users with instructions in a video version available on the Internet;
  • Pass the belt through all the passages provided for this purpose;
  • Tighten the belt properly;

For forward-facing car seats, the guides are red, and blue for rear-facing seats.

For car seats with Isofix attachment:

  • With a top tether strap: check that the vehicle has a hook to install it;
  • With a strut: avoid placing it above the storage compartment at the foot of the rear seats. However, it can be installed behind a compartment hatch or inside.

To note that:

  • The Isofix arm lights turn green when the car seat with Isofix attachment is correctly installed;
  • Avoid double attachment, i.e. attach at the same time with the belt and the Isofix, unless indicated in the instructions;
  • For belt-fastening car seats, avoid adding additional passages;
  • Even if the baby car seat has been installed correctly, it can still move;
  • The infant car seat must correspond to the size, age, and weight of the baby.

Lastly which seat to choose?

The choice of model will depend above all on the type and frequency of use of the seat, but also on the vehicle. If you drive only occasionally in a small car, the requirements will be different from those of a user who regularly drives in an SUV. Our personal recommendation is a model like Eddie Bauer XRS 65. But at the end of the day, it’s all about choosing the right car seat that will fit your particular needs and protect your child’s life on every journey.

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