How to Clean Different Type of Stains from Upholstery?

sofa stains cleaning

Couches are a compulsory part of our home decor. Couches are used in every time and situation, whether it’s your relaxation time or the guests’ time. When you come back home after a hectic day, the couch is the place where you relax and take your tea. Couches are a huge investment in home furniture. They add elegance to the living area and provide comfort.

To keep them in good condition, regular cleaning is very important. Regularly cleaning removes dust and dirt particles from the furniture. But these mostly used couches can get stains that are hard to remove. They may need deep cleaning. To deep clean the furniture you need the help of professionals from any company of Couch Cleaning Sydney. But if you want to remove these stains by yourself at home, firstly check your couch’s fabric. Let’s discuss some of the stains and their cleaning process:

Ice-Cream Stains

Your favourite ice cream and the cosy couch in the living room are the best combinations. Imagine you are enjoying the yummy flavour of ice cream on your couch and suddenly it falls from your spoon and gives a bad stain to your couch. Oh no! What to do now before it becomes part of the fabric?

First of all, clean the couch immediately because it’s easy to remove the fresh stain as compared to dried stain. Before treating the stain with any chemical detergent, know the detail of your couch fabric. Fabric cleaning codes will guide the best possible treatment to remove the couch.

Lipstick Stains

Makeovers in girls’ gatherings are a must. When girls gang come to your house and touch up their face make up on the comfort of the couch. The cosmetics must set the mark on the couch. The stubborn stain from all of the makeup is lipstick stain, which can create trouble for you.

When you find a lipstick stain on your upholstery, never try to wipe it with a cloth, and don’t rub the stain. It can ruin the fabric and stain will become a part of the fabric. Use the butter knife to remove the extra lipstick from the couch. Dish wash is the most used treatment to remove lipstick from any shirt or couch fabric. Read the instructions of manufacturer instructions carefully and select the best treatment for your couch fabric.

Ink Stains

Reading, writing, and cosy couches are the perfect fit. If you are a person who enjoys writing your diary on the couch, you may face the stains of ink on your couch. Sometimes our children do their homework in the living rooms and enjoy the couch sitting. After their homework session, you will find many stains on the couch.

Ink stains should be treated with care because they can spread easily. Blotting paper is the best treatment to clean the stains of couches. Any dishwashing detergent can be used as an ink removal.

Coffee Stains

Morning coffee and the couch in the living room are a good start to the day. But if this yummy coffee spills over the couch then the stain will give you a tough time. Coffee stains are very hard to remove. Treat this stain as early as possible because if the coffee goes deeper into the fabric, it will be more difficult to remove from the couch.

Use water and blot it as it spills over the couch. A new clean blotting paper or dish towel will be best to gently remove the stain.

Butter Stains

It’s a bad habit to have your breakfast on the couch. But some people enjoy their breakfast on the couch while watching their favourite tv show. Butter and jam are the compulsory things at breakfast time. When you are enjoying the tv show, butter can stain your clothes or couch.

Oil and butter stains are very hard to remove because they become part of the fabric. Lemon is the best treatment to remove butter sofa stains or from any type of fabric. Just gently rub the lemon on the surface and remain there for some time. Then wipe off the stain with a fabric or use lukewarm water to remove the butter from any type of fabric couch.

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