“The war of memes”: presentation of the book in Bologna

“The war of memes” is not just a book, but a phenomenon that we face today in every context of our life. That’s why we invited the author Alessandro Lolli to talk about it on Tuesday 26 June.


For years, memes have been establishing themselves as a form of humorous communication for an entire generation. But not everyone knows that they were born from a science, memetics , born 40 years ago with Richard Dawkins. Today the meme presents itself as a linguistic device , indeed as a real language, with specific codes and objectives. And in communication – advertising or even politics – they acquire greater complexity and importance. As Alessandro Lolli wrote in “The War of Memes”,

The success of memes in advertising gives us an idea of ​​their diffusion better than any in-depth study on the subject of journalists and professors. They can be used as an understandable language in an environment that does not admit mistakes: the market.

“The war of memes” comes from Social Factor

This is why we decided to deepen the theme “at home”, within our agency that every day deals with the issues of communication in every facet. The appointment is scheduled for Tuesday 26 June 2018, at 6.30 pm . Places are limited and here you can reserve your seat (admission is free), while here the event page . Introduced by Enrico Gualandi , Founder & CMO of Social Factor and moderated by Luigi Mastandrea.

As the publishing house of the book says, effequ, “The war of memes” is made to tell what the meme is today, investigating the evolution of this language, its functions, its cultural foundations, intertwining history, semiotics and politics, passing through community of memers, Alt-right and Donald Trump, nerd groups and subcultures. And together with Alessandro we will deepen all the themes, waiting for the moment in which ” a meme will bury us “.

The author

Alessandro Lolli was born in Rome in 1989. He graduated in philosophy with a thesis in philosophy of language on Furio Jesi and right-wing culture. He has been collaborating for some time with numerous cultural magazines, he was online editor of «Nuovi Argomenti» and «Dude Magazine». His writings on culture, literature, cinema, music, internet and digital subcultures have appeared in «Alfabeta2», «Prismo», «Pixarthinking», «Dinamo Press», «VICE», «Rockit» and others.

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