Desert Safari Dinner – Special Offers & Deals | Desert Safari DXB

Desert Safari Dinner – Special Offers & Deals | Desert Safari DXB

Explore Desert Safari Dinner in the Dubai

Each culture is determined by several factors: dressing, eating, thinking, and dealing with occasions and events. If you are a cultural explorer, You have to know that food is essential. Desert Safari Dinner is one of the best ways to learn more about Dubai’s culture.

The UAE environment is mostly desert. And hence The traditional food of the United Arab Emirates is grilled and grilled. A Dubai Desert Dinner Trip is a great way to explore the desert and learn more about Dubai’s culture. They are included in various desert trips such as Night Desert Safari, Dubai, Royal Desert Safari, and more.

What is Dubai Desert Dinner?

Emirates’ traditional food is an essential part of Emirates culture. Many generations Dates are a necessary food in many significant cultures, which can be seen in the desert’s harshest and most complex environments. The nutritional value of dates is fantastic and has essential health benefits that help balance blood sugar and more.

The local Bedouin diet plan is simple and plant-based. And if a source of protein is found, it will be grilled with firewood. Dinner in the Dubai desert is often served at an overwhelming welcome ceremony.

Barbecue dinners in desert camps have become very popular and invite tourists to experience the traditional lifestyle of the locals. You can choose desert food in simple traditional Majlis. or a luxury desert resort with authentic Arabian desert views. We offer a wide selection of safaris, including dinner under the skies in Dubai’s enchanting desert.

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Royal Desert Safari

Royal Desert Safari is one option for a fantastic luxury dining experience in the desert. And it’s one of our luxury safari collections. The Royal safari takes place in the 5-star Sahara resort with premium dinner in the Dubai Desert. Private transfers will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai. He will drive to the desert to smash off-road dunes.

Thrilling dunes for 30 minutes in the Landcruiser 4Ă—4, followed by a camping experience at a Sahara Resort. This luxury resort is designed as a traditional Bedouin mud house with red Majlis seats and lanterns everywhere. It feels like traveling back in time to the nomads when they first settled in the Emirates desert.

Get a warm welcome as you enter the camp with complimentary Arabic coffee, dates, snacks, and beverages. The resort has stables and camels. And you can enjoy a ride before dinner with an open dessert buffet. Here are some key highlights from the entire Royal Safari Dubai experience:

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel by luxury cruise ship.
  • Welcome with a fragrant towel and refreshments on board.
  • dunes and desert driving
  • Traditional hospitality with dates and Arabic coffee
  • A lavish 5-star international buffet dinner
  • Barbecue station
  • Fresh Shawarma Cooking Station
  • Unlimited water and soft drinks
  • camel and horse riding
  • Arabian Souk
  • Live Performances (Arab Male Singers, Fire Show, Tanura Dance, Belly Dance Show)
  • Emirates Hair Dance Show
  • Henna color


Al Maha Desert Resort

Al Maha Dubai Resort is located in the Dubai Desert Conservation Area. The goal is to capture the guests’ imagination—lush oasis Bedouin-style service and the scenery of the desert gazelles and the Arabian Oryx.

Al Maha Safari’s flawless experience includes a dinner in the Dubai Desert with a wide selection of Arabic and international dishes. The restaurant is designed as a terrace dewan. (Traditional guest area) with panoramic views of the surrounding dunes.

Al Maha Resorts also offers a personalized dining experience. Your table will be dug into the dunes with torches surrounding it. We showcase Al Maha Desert Safaris in our adventure collection and include the following:

  • Get hotel transfers in downtown Dubai
  • Enjoy an exciting 30 minutes of Dune Smashing.
  • Have fun playing sandboarding.
  • Riding a camel.
  • Try on traditional Arabic dress and henna painting.
  • Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner with vegetarian options.
  • Enjoy soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and coffee.
  • Try smoking Arab shisha with different flavors.
  • Enjoy a live belly dance and tanura show.


Night Desert Safari Dubai

The Night Desert Safari Dubai, also known as the Evening Desert Safari, aims to connect Arabian adventures and outdoor activities with an evening barbecue. If you’re looking for a fusion culture and roast beef dinner, classic mezze, hummus, and kibbeh are served at sunset and surrounded by a campfire. It would help if you went on a night safari for a delicious dinner in the Dubai desert.

You’ll get to do a lot of fun activities besides the desert dining experience, such as:

  • Pick up from Dubai by quad around 2:30 pm.
  • Enjoy a thrilling 30-40 minute dunes pounding in a land cruiser.
  • Enjoy watching the sunset and taking spectacular photos.
  • Go camping and enjoy great hospitality with Arabian coffee and dried fruit, unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and sandwiches.
  • Open buffet dinner and barbecue with freshly grilled meats Emirates Traditional Baked Bread Traditional Appetizers Desserts from local kitchens and fresh fruit
  • Discover the station, visit the camp, explore souvenir stalls, henna tattoo corners, and photographs with falcons. And a photo session wearing traditional Dishdashas for men and Abayas for women.
  • Enjoy folk performances such as belly dancing, tanura, and drum performances.
  • Transfer back to your hotel or accommodation in Dubai by Landcruiser.

Had a fantastic dining experience organized by Desert Safari DXB. Impressive Bedouin courtyards, mud houses, and red tents provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You should rest and go for dinner in a desert resort or sanctuary in the Dubai desert. Enjoy a live cooking station in the Royal Desert Safari in the Sahara Desert Resort or Al Maha Resort in the Dubai Desert Reserve.

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