Novel Flower Decoration Ideas For Various Occasions

Novel Flower Decoration Ideas For Various Occasions

The decoration is a significant part of all occasions. It gets the most attention from the guests so one has to be very careful while choosing decorative items. 

Flower Decoration Ideas For Various Occasions

Flowers are the best decorative element. You can never go wrong if you choose flowers as a decorative element. Flowers can be used in different ways on different occasions to make the place look aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of flowers available these days that can be used accordingly. Flowers have a symbolic meaning and if arranged properly can amp up the place. 

We have different occasions lined up all year from birthdays to anniversaries, weddings to festivals and decoration is an important part of all occasions. If you are looking for ideas on how to use flowers as decoration pieces then here is the article for you. We have curated a list of ideas that you can use for various occasions. 

Ideas For wedding-

A wedding is a very important day of one’s life. It is the onset of a new journey for a couple. Families and friends are overjoyed because of this grand occasion of our life. These days wedding planning and events companies charge lakhs of rupees for planning this day.

Flowers are always in style and trendy things to be used to decorate wedding venues. With a variety of flowers available in the market, you have options to decide what suits your vibe and theme of the wedding. You can use different colors of marigold flowers for mandap decoration and stargazing lily as the centerpiece. Ordering online flowers in Gurgaon is also available so make sure to leverage this opportunity. 

Ideas for festivals-

Festivals are the major parts of our life. It is the most joyous time of our life when family and friends get together to celebrate. Every festival has a different meaning and purpose and so the decoration has to be done that way. But nowadays you can use your imagination to decorate your house in your style. You can mix and match orange and yellow marigolds for decoration on Diwali. You can use them to make flower rangoli as well. Marigold has a different essence that gives the feel of a festival in itself.

You can experiment with retro style by using daisies, lilies and orchids also. Christmas is another very vibrant and fun festival. You can use colorful tulips and other winter flowers to decorate the entrance of your house. Christmas is preceded by thanksgiving and it calls for a party. You can use statement flowers like peonies, daffodils to keep them on the dining table as decor. You can use conventional Christmas flowers also such as poinsettia, amaryllis, hellebores, paperwhites, cyclamen, etc.

For housewarming party-

Moving into a new house is a dream of every person and this is a really special occasion for everyone. Everyone wants to celebrate this day with their friends and family and thus it deserves a great party. You can use fresh flowers like roses, lilies, and daffodils to decorate your house. You can use different colors of tulips in a bunch as a centerpiece. Large hydrangeas can also become a great element to decorate a coffee table along with some books and candles.

For anniversary-

Anniversary is a milestone of marriage whether it is the first, tenth or twenty-fifth. It calls for celebration. It is the day to celebrate the journey. This day is special for every couple and they want to make this day as special as their marriage. If you are someone who loves to invite and host parties then you can use flowers as a decoration element.

You can use roses, orchids, and chrysanthemums. Making aesthetic floral arrangements on the center table, in the corners of your house along with some scented candles will amp up the place. If you want to celebrate your anniversary privately then also you can use flowers to decorate your house and plan a candlelight dinner for your beloved. 

Flowers in any way makes the place fresh and vibrant. So celebrate your special days with flowers and enjoy the occasion. I hope you liked and found this article helpful.

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