Tummy Tuck: Myths Restraining You from Unlocking An Hourglass Figure

tummy tuck

Although bodies are strong, they need a gentle touch of appreciation and love. The uneven fat deposits here and there corrupt our minds, impacting our physical and mental health.

Above all, the consciousness towards the body shape begins in the early teens. As an angst-teen, we always admired the toned and flat stomach as an epitome of a healthy, fit and attractive figure. Then comes the unmonitored fluctuations in weight due to pregnancy, genetics or lifestyle habits which shatters the confidence like a slow poison. Hence, achieving an ideal body weight becomes impossible due to factors.

The Case of Tummy Tuck

However, tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, comes wearing a red cape to save you from this never-ending nightmare. It is one of the most requested plastic surgeries globally that help clients attain the otherwise unattainable weight.

This surgery eliminates the very nemesis that is giving you backache, upsetting your metabolism and making you end up in toilets, indulging in self-induced vomiting. Hence, if you have developed low self-esteem, feeling troubled due to weakened muscles, extra fat deposits and stretched skin, a tummy tuck is your ointment.

But if you are having second thoughts about tummy tuck, we have busted five myths and rumors to help you get rid of any confusion:

Myth #1: Tummy Tuck is just a single procedure.

It is not true. A tummy tuck is not a single procedure. It has various types which are recommended to the clients depending on the nature of their conditions and degree of severity. The type of abdominoplasty consists of partial abdominoplasty, full abdominoplasty and extended abdominoplasty.

Each type calls for a different approach. In a full abdominoplasty, the plastic surgeon makes an incision from one hip to another. On the other hand,  partial abdominoplasty is less invasive, and minor incisions get the job done.

In extended abdominoplasty, tummy tuck Dubai surgeons make a full circumferential incision around the lower abdomen, removes excess fat and skin, tightens the musculature and gives an uplift effect. The procedure also lifts thighs and buttocks.

Myth #2:  Tummy Tuck is a weight loss procedure.

While a tummy tuck can help remove fat from your body, it is not suitable to call it a substitute for fat removal procedures such as Liposuction. Persons who are of average weight but want to remove stubborn fat or sagging skin in the abdomen can get a tummy tuck surgery.

This surgery should be used in conjunction with an existing healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, the fat will return if the patient does not take care of himself or herself. Measuring your weight after a stomach tuck will not result in a significant decrease in the number you saw on the scale before the procedure. As a result, it’s recommended to start your weight reduction journey months before your treatment and to continue taking part in physical activity properly thereafter.

Myth #3: You cannot be pregnant after a tummy tuck surgery.

There is no evidence to spot this statement. You must have encountered this rumor about a tummy tuck in Dubai and other cities. For this purpose, doctors recommend waiting until you have children before receiving the surgery. In reality, pregnancy is likely to ruin the results. It turns your efforts into a waste of time and money as well as turning recovery into a headache.

Yet if you get pregnant after receiving the surgery, make sure that your gynecologist is aware of it.

Myth #4: Tummy tuck will give you ugly and embarrassing scars.

The good surgeons will sculpt in a manner that will make scars small and hard to see. Some clients will have deeper and larger scars but will be surprised at the way they heal. They will most probably describe it as a thin white line while others will hardly see any after a while.

Myth #5: Tummy tucks are only for women.

Abdominoplasty has been the most popular among women. It is because of  irreversible changes in the midsection after pregnancy, such as saggy skin, stretch marks, etc. Also, the best plastic surgeon Dubai and others include this procedure into ‘mommy makeover’ treatment. It is a suite of cosmetic surgeries to restore the pre-baby body.

Therefore, many believe that this treatment is only for women. However, men can benefit from it as they go through stubborn belly fat and stretched mark conditions. This plastic surgery Dubai will tighten and tone the contours of your abdomen. So, you can fit into your clothes comfortably.

To sum up, a tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure that boosts your self-confidence. It lets you conquer the day without any hesitation. You will see yourself moving mountains after this surgery due to your sharp hourglass figure!

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