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Trainer Profile: Jesse

Jesse is an incredibly trained personal trainer. He has gained a lot of experience through his new clients and has gained the ability to communicate with them. Slowly he is becoming very strong in his teaching skills. We have had people really emphasize how good he is at being patient with the client and treating them with kindness and respect. We teach all of our trainers the importance of not only how to train but how to treat. Which is the most important part of our job, as without a real connection there cant be any real change. Jesse services all the areas in Fort Lauderdale,Aventura and Sunny Isles. So if you’re looking for a personal trainer fort lauderdale then contact now.  

Our Training Begins with You

The first thing our clients always ask us is how do we start? Although there is no straight line when it comes to training and eating healthy, the start of the program is always the same for everyone. The first thing that needs to happen is a change of mentality. Any trainer can put you through a good workout and teach you the correct nutrients your body needs and get you on your way. However, that is not what we do in AMT. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and becoming the support system our client needs. We teach our clients that the first thing that needs to change when entering our program is the way you think and act and eat and workout. When Walter came into our office, we didn’t just hand him a list of things. We sat Walter down and dug into our lesson. We taught him that in order for him to succeed in the program and not it just be a fluke like many other programs, he had to rely on us. 

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Training Walter

Walter wanted to gain muscle. Many would say that gaining muscle is easy. You cut on carbohydrates and eat more protein. You try to not drink as much water to cut out the liquids. You succeed in a day or two and then reach a plateau stage where there is no increase or decrease of anything and you feel that the plan is not working. When Walter came to us the first thing we told him was that he needed to mentally change the way he thought about his body. We talked about his goals and his inspiration for gaining muscle. This was the correct way to get Walter excited and ready for his workout plan and thus by changing the way he thought about the diet and the exercise we were able to give him the motivation he needed in order to succeed. This process is what teaches the trainer how to motivate you, what type of incentives you need and how much communication you actually require. Not one body or mind is the same, hence why we need to take our time and sit with out clients to really discuss what works for them and only them. There is no one model that we use, we choose and select and change our plans to meet everyone’s needs and limitations. 

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