Hang window Curtains Correctly the First Time With These Must-Know Measuring Tips

Window Curtain

When you are hanging window curtains, the first thing to do is to measure it properly. Most curtains come in a standard length of 63 inches, but you can also buy them in custom lengths. You should always make sure that your measurements are exactly the same, as the curtains will need to be adjusted slightly when they are hanging. When you are determining the correct height for your window curtain, you should always remember that your eye will naturally stop at the highest part of the room, which is the ceiling. Therefore, you should hang your curtains 4 to 6 inches higher than the ceiling. If your measurements do not match, you can use cardboard as a template.

Check the height of the window curtain before hanging

The height of your Dubai curtain should be approximately half an inch higher than the top of the window. Make sure to account for the width of the window, as well as the length of the curtain rod. If your windows have vents, you may want to make sure that the curtain rod is at least six inches higher than the floor. Regardless of the height of your windows, a proper measurement should give you an accurate measurement.

The width of your window is also important

When hanging a curtain, you need to take into account the width and length of the rod. Make sure you leave about four to six inches above the floor. Adding two inches will prevent your drapes from bunching up and causing a mess. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be happy with your new window curtain in no time.

To avoid puddling, measure twice the width of your window. If you don’t take the proper measurements, you’ll end up with an unappealing window treatment. Your curtains will also look unkempt if you don’t hang them properly. To make sure your curtains will be at the perfect height, you can also buy a longer rod.

When choosing the right length of window curtains

It is important to choose the right length for your window. Too-short curtains will drag on the floor and make the space seem cramped. Too-long curtains will also cause the room to look cluttered and dirty. But the length should be at least double the width of the window. You can buy the perfect curtain by following these guidelines.

Whether you are hanging a panel or an individual curtain, it is important to measure each window correctly before you hang it. In addition to measuring the length, you should also measure the length of the window and the width. It is best to buy curtains that hang at least a foot above the floor. If you have two corner windows, use two rods at a 90-degree angle. If you’re using a panel curtain, remove the finials on the ends of each rod.

It is very important to measure the window

If you have a puddle-style window, you must hang it above the floor. The puddle-style window curtain will create a mess and will require a lot of cleaning. To avoid this problem, measure your window in advance. Ensure that the curtain is level. You can also use a stud-finder to find the studs in the wall.

When installing curtain rods, you must measure the length of the window and its height. The height of the rods should be at least six inches above the window. The height of the rods depends on the length of the panel, but most people prefer to hang it four to six inches above the frame. So, when installing curtain rods, ensure they are at least four to six inches above the window.

When you’ve determined the height

You’ll need to determine where to place the brackets. The brackets must be between four and six inches above the window frame. The distance from the brackets should be equal on both sides. If you have multiple windows, you can use the same template for each. Just be sure to measure the width and length of each before attempting to hang a curtain.

If you want to hang your window curtain correctly, you need to measure the length of the curtain. Ideally, your curtain should be about eight to 12 inches long. If it is too short, you may have to cut it short. If you need to hang a panel, measure the width of the window and the length from the rod to the floor. Be sure to allow extra length for any unevenness in your curtains.

Once you have determined the length

You must measure the width. To hang a curtain correctly, you need to know how much room the window is. To measure the width of the window, measure it from the top of the window sill to the bottom of the rod. If you’re hanging a panel, you need to add an extra six inches to the length.

Once you have determined the length, you can now measure the length from the top of the brackets to the bottom of the window. It’s important to note the exact length you need in order to hang a window curtain correctly. For example, you must know how long your rods should be in order to properly fit the panel. If they are too short, you must add some extra length to it. This is important to prevent the drapes from bunching or wrinkling.


In addition to measuring the window, you should also measure the curtain rod. The rods must be long enough to clear the window on both sides, thereby allowing you to tie back the drapes. Ensure that the height of the rod is sufficient for the length of the drapes. The curtain length must be the same as the length of the curtains. If the height is too high, you will risk damaging the window.

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