OSRS Agility guide

OSRS Agility guide

What is agility?

Agility is a skill that grants you access to various shortcuts in the game and also speeds up the regeneration of run energy. If a player regenerates his run energy faster, it means he can do many things faster. So, if you have a high agility level, you can also level up other skills quicker. Agility is trained by running through different courses. If you fail at an obstacle, your hit points will be reduced, so it is often advised to take some cheap food with you. Almost every major city in Old School Run escape has its own agility course. Each course has its own level requirements but completing the best course at your level will not necessarily give you the best experience rates. It is recommended to train agility as the first skill, as it will be of great benefit in the long run. The best way to start leveling agility is with quests. In this guide, I will tell you what kind of activities you should do at a certain level to maximize your experience per hour.

Rooftop courses and Marks of grace

Once you start running rooftop agility courses, you will notice that randomly an item called “Mark of Grace” will spawn, collect it. Once you reach a certain number of marks, you’ll be able to exchange them for a graceful outfit. Each piece of the graceful outfit will reduce your character’s weight, which means that your run energy will not be used up as quickly, and you’ll be able to run much longer. A complete

graceful outfit costs 260 marks of grace, and after you collect the set, you can exchange grace marks for amylase, which you can later sell in the Grand Exchange for some OSRS gold. There are several ways a player can change the colour of their graceful set. There are ten different colors to choose from. Players looking for OSRS items for sale will not find a way to buy the graceful set, since it’s a non-trad able item, but you can often find people offering services to level agility for you and gather the required number of marks for you.

Levels 1-33: Questing

To reach the first levels in a skill, it is often advisable to start with quests, as they will help you reach higher levels and higher experience gains per hour faster, as is the case with agility. The quests you should complete before starting to level agility at any course are: Recruitment drive, The Tourist Trap, The Depths of Despair, and the Grand tree. These quests have relatively low skill requirements, but they all involve some sort of combat, so be aware of that.

Levels 33-40: Varrock Rooftop Course

After you have completed your quests, you can begin leveling in your first agility course. Since you have reached level 33 after completing the recommended quest, you can begin the agility course on the roof of Var rock. Just like the other agility courses, the start is indicated on the map with the agility skill icon. Simply click on the first obstacle and figure your way through it. Just look for the obvious route, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out. Once you have done it, you’ll know how to do it faster. Just repeat it up to level 40.

Levels 40-52: Canifis Rooftop Course

Once you reach level 40, you can switch to the Canifis rooftop agility course. As the name suggests, it is located in the Canifis. To enter this course, you’ll have to complete the Priest in Peril quest. As with any other agility course, you’ll find the beginning of the course by looking for the agility skill icon on your map. Complete this course until you reach level 52. Another option is to complete this course until you have accumulated enough marks of grace for a full set of graceful. As I mentioned earlier, you need 260 marks of grace to do so.

Levels 52-99: Hallowed Sepulchre

Once you reach agility level 52, the real grind starts. Hallowed Sepulchre is currently the fastest method for training agility in the game. To gain access to this method, you’ll first need to complete the Sins of the Father quest. This activity is also a good way to earn OSRS gold, especially if you have reached level 92. To earn the most money with this method, you need to have some other high-level stats. Since it is quite difficult to get them, you can also buy OSRS gold, to level them up faster.

Alternative agility training methods

There are different ways to train agility than just running the courses. Often these methods are much

more time efficient as you get rewards/experiences that you would not normally get. Some of the examples are: 

Barbarian fishing – You get fishing experience as well as small amounts of agility and strength xp.

The Rogues Den – here you’ll can receive small amount of agility experience, but the main objective is to collect the Rogue’s Outfit, which doubles your loot when thieving.


Agility training is very click intensive and time consuming, but it’s definitely worth leveling it to a high level. All the shortcuts you unlock will greatly increase your efficiency, and you can also unlock content that you could not access before. A good example is the Subdomain god wars room. If you have 70 agility, you’ll unlock an entire boss that can drop great loot. It is understandable that not everyone has the time to spend on leveling agility. That’s why people often look for OSRS accounts for sale, as buying an already leveled account is much more appeal-able. Often, accounts are offered that have been leveled specifically for people who do not like agility grinds. There are accounts with the Graceful set and a high agility level, so you can skip the annoying part and jump straight into the fun. I wish you good luck with the path you choose!

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