5 Tips To Write Product Description To Increase Your Sell

The right product description can help you achieve your sales target quickly. Your goal should entice the buyer and make them see why your products are ideal for them to purchase. When well written, a product description gives the reader and potential buyer a light bulb moment to realize that they have been missing out by not using the product described. Product descriptions have such power that they can transform a buyer’s thinking and adopt better decisions involving buying the product. Consequently, business owners should invest in proper product descriptions to leverage this aspect. Below are helpful tips that can help you create exciting product descriptions. 

Always Pay Attention to Details and Readability 

As you struggle to figure out the steps to write product descriptions excellently, make sure to pay attention to details. Many people make the mistake of complicating the product description. This annoys the reader and shows them that you are not keen on understanding what you offer. As such, they will move on to the following product. Since you want the product review to be unique and well written, avoid using jargon that requires one to reach for a dictionary before they understand your intentions. 

A great tip would be to check the copy’s readability ranking using the different plugins and tools available. Hemmingway and Yoast are great and after that, confirm that the readability score of Grammarly is sensible enough. The content should be easy to read. Use short sentences, minimize complex words, and keep things simple.

Your goal should be minimizing the bounce rate and attracting conversions instead. Apple brand is an excellent example of well-written product descriptions. They are short and precise, making it easy for anyone to get the point. Anyone from the age of 12 years can easily understand these writeups 


Write the Descriptions with the People in Mind 

Before coming up with a product description, make sure to research and understand what people seek. It’s essential to know how people look at these pages since you target them. Data shows that people have maximum attention in the first 8 seconds of seeing something. This means that your text should pack sufficient information to sustain their interest within the shortest text.  

Usually, when someone is attracted to something you wrote in the first few seconds, they are likely to keep reading to find out more. Make your content skimmable and easy to peruse. Keep up with viewing patterns because they indicate customers’ viewing behavior. Common patterns include: 

  • F-pattern – This is where the customer fixates on words at the beginning of lines or those at the top of the page. 
  • Spotted pattern – This pattern is where people visiting web pages tend to focus on words that stand out and those related to what they are searching for.  
  • Layer-cake pattern – In this case, the users will scan headlines till they find what they are searching for then they can proceed to read the accompanying text.  
  • Commitment Pattern: This pattern is often typical with people who want to know more since it involves reading the whole text.  

It is up to you to direct your reader and attract their attention regardless of their preferred pattern of viewing pages. The right combination of writing techniques will make your product description write-up a hit even with people who cannot stay attentive for long. 

Be Authentic 

Do not be fooled; readers can tell when you try to be something you are not. Nothing is a more severe turnoff than this. Find a way to make the product description show who you are. The goal is to speak to like-minded buyers who will see the value you offer because you think in similar lines. In the end, you want to sell to someone who can appreciate what you have to offer and not a customer that has no level of appreciation for the product.  

Sadly, many businesses lose their authentic followers because they do not stick to themselves. Make sure your target audience can depict a sense of originality in your product description. 

Put the Customer First 

Customer-first approaches always work in any form of business write-up. This also applies to product reviews. When writing this type of content, always have the customer at the back of your mind. It is essential that you write for them and not for yourself. Making it easy for them to picture how using the products you are writing about will be helpful to them.  

It should be clear how the product will solve their problems or improve their lives. Great product review writers focus on the product’s benefits and highlight the issues for which the product is an excellent solution. Essentially your goal should make the potential buyer feel the need to purchase the product you are trying to sell. 

Be Careful not to Oversell 

Another significant mistake people make is to oversell when writing product reviews. This is not a typical marketing piece and should not be treated as one. Note that the purpose of your product review content is to make the target customer know more about the product. It becomes counterproductive when they feel that you are trying to sell them the product even before they understand what it is about. Unfortunately, this can force most of them to reconsider and move on when they could have become great customers. Use words carefully and stop referring to each product as the best to exist.  

You can still make the point about the product’s ability to stand out without necessarily overemphasizing the benefits. The worst thing about overselling is when the product fails to meet expectations because you exaggerated its ability or speed to yield results. If possible, give proof of all claims you make about the product. This improves confidence and may push more customers to buy the product. 

Final Thoughts 

Remember that the goal of product reviews is to have people convert and become potential customers. The language you use and the writing technique you apply make a lot of difference. Take time to understand what readers love to hear and write with the customers in mind. 




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