Touchless Type of Currency Apprehended as Digital Crypto Money


The digital crypto money is a form of payment method that is used for wealth boost as well as for exchange with goods and services available online. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are backed by blockchain technology which uses a peer-to-peer system. This allows buying, selling, trading, and exchanging of crypto coins. The Crypto Online Exchange is not backed by any central authority like the traditional fiat currency. The crypto transactions are stored on a public virtual ledger in the shape of blocks. Therefore, it is resilient for hackers and scammers to breach in because of the tough mathematical puzzles and combinations it uses. The assets are controlled by their respective owners because keys and credentials are confined to them. Also, the transactions are anonymous and secure. 

What are Crypto Trade Patterns?

Crypto Trade Patterns refers to the shapes where the price charts predict and represent the rise and fall of token values. Furthermore, the chart patterns are here since the trading began, helping the traders and investors to perform technical analysis. Moving on, the price values of crypto tokens experience unexpected fluctuations. However, despite all the drawbacks, industries that highly accepted this as a payment method are at 26.3%. These include prepaid and gift cards, and the consumer electronics industry is at 1.74% and increasing. This so far happened due to the Crypto Trade Patterns that compelled industries to adopt this very method. Also, the patterns provide insight into the marketplace. 

Triangle Chart Patterns

The patterns so far formed in this Crypto Trade Pattern are between resistance and support depending on the rise and fall of the price value. The pattern is in the shape of triangles either ascending or descending. 

Ascending Triangle

Indicating an upward trend, ascending triangles are bullish indicators commonly seen. The mechanism is that resistance is found first and the price later reverses until it finds support. Furthermore, the price reverses direction and continues to move upward until second time resistance is found that is near to the first level. The pattern enters the completion when the crypto value breaks through the first resistance level. 

Descending Triangles

A bearish indicator, descending crypto patterns are actually the inverse of ascending ones that stipulate the continuation of the downward type trend. Where resistance is firstly encountered setting the horizontal pattern. Moving on, the price value of tokens reverse directions and finds its support which is the highest attained point. The value then finds its second support, much similar to the initial one that again reverses and resides at a lower level. Ultimately this forms the descending of the triangle with a horizontal line so formed at completion. 

Double Top and Double Bottom

These are reversal patterns, fairly easy to spot. These crypto patterns rely on resistance and support lines for viability. 

  • The double-top crypto trade patterns are bearish. Here, the price tests the resistance twice before it breaks down the support.
  • Whereas, the double bottom pattern is a bullish one. Like the double top, in this pattern, the price tests twice but this time the bottom is at target. Furthermore, the price value of tokens encounters oversold conditions. It later breaks away from resistance, establishing a price increase. 

Exchange Crypto Online – Buying, Selling, and Trading digital coins

When investors opt for buying, selling, or trading digital coins, all they need is a platform to do so. Here, online crypto exchanges are the desired platforms. Consumes can Exchange Crypto Online by using these stockbroker-type sites. The top 10 cryptocurrencies are making up 88% of the total market value that are traded on more than 200 crypto exchanges. Furthermore, the reliable exchange asks for fewer fees while providing advanced improved solutions. Also, they have improved security that protects the history and resolves the consumers’ concerns. 

Online Crypto Exchange Onboarding

In order to buy, sell, trade, or exchange crypto tokens the consumers require an account on the respective platforms. Furthermore, the exchanges require proof of identity to comply with KYC standards. This may include providing the residential and employment details. Online exchanges verify the identity by using a third-party application. Also, the investors have to provide their upgraded picture. This process may seem hefty but is one time. Once the process is completed, the investors are successfully onboarded. 

What to Look for in an Exchange

There are several prerequisites to keep in mind while opting for an online exchange. If investors lose their hard-earned funds to any platform or broker, there is no undoing it. Therefore, consumers need to conduct pre-hand detailed research regarding the platform they are choosing. This includes the feedback previous customers have given along with the reliability status. Also, the fees it charges along with the coins offered and liquidity volume. These points can massively prevent the risks.

Altogether Now

The buy cryptocurrency is ruling the monetary market ever since Bitcoin, the said to be original crypto, was founded in 2009. The market capitalization value has hit $3 trillion due to which investors are massively driving towards this particular market. Furthermore, the rise and fall are predicted by chart patterns. And, the buying, selling, and trading are provided by online exchanges. 



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