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Are you looking for the best one-of-a-kind shirts? Don’t look any further, just visit Environment & Dram Wears, choose what interests you, and place your order. What they have is great for you or as a gift for your friend or relative. The shirts will not only look great on you, but they will also pop on your friends.

The Environment & Dramwears uses screen printing in the production of their shirts and the process is very environmentally friendly. Perhaps it’s not just the eco-friendly nature that makes screen printing so valuable, but also an extremely convenient and quick way to make garments.

For years, many clothing manufacturers have been mass-producing and leaving a large carbon footprint on the environment. But due to technologies like screen printing, the problem is expected to be very minor in 2022.

For the same reason, Environment & Dramwears only need one to three days to create the shirts after careful consideration and thought in design and manufacture.

They know that a lot of people also love chic, custom-designed shirts, but they also know that a lot of people want a clean and healthy environment. For the same reason, they design and create shirts that are sustainable and have no negative impact on Mother Nature herself.

Dramwears try to help their customers have the fancy shirts they crave without the option of leaving a carbon footprint on Mother Nature and this is only achieved through green screen printing approaches.

 How do they achieve green screen printing?

They achieve this with the DTG methods when printing individual shirts for their customers. It’s a considerate way of printing custom shirts.

Overview of the DTG method

DTG is a term that relates directly to the garment, where ink is sprayed directly on the shirts. This is done with a kind of printer that can draw the ink into the fabrics. The process looks similar to paper printing, but only replaces paper with fabrics.

DTG has proven to be the best way to help the environment by using environmentally friendly inks, dyes, and fabrics.

It’s also quick and easy to manage and doesn’t take up much of the workspace typically used in other printing methods. The method enables the creation of beautiful and high-quality surfaces.


Why order shirts at Dramwears?

Since they use the DTG process from start to finish, you benefit when you order from them. This is what will enjoy as a customer

  • Shirts available in several colors
  • Shirts with a beautiful and high-quality finish.
  • Lots of designs


Sample designs

The scotch drinkthat sells for  $ 39.95

I have wood that sells for $ 39.95

Double Knob that sells for $ 39.95

Three monkey postersthat sells in the range of $ 50.00 to $ 115.00


There are plenty to enjoy from Environment & Dram Wears. It’s your first port of call whenever you want to print bespoke shirts using a proven eco-friendly approach. You are getting something that you not only like, but that is made with no impact on the environment.

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