When Halloween season kicks in, many people start thinking about scary costumes, silly costumes, haunted houses, Halloween parties, and even checking out some of the most controversial Halloween costumes. The best thing about Halloween parties is that it is just about turning heads, whether dead or alive. However, you need to ensure that your Halloween costume doesn’t upset a certain group of people to avoid controversy, drama, or drawing any unwanted attention to your Halloween costume. 

Here are some dos and don’ts of Halloween costumes.

Don’t dress up as a religious figure.

Avoid dressing up as a religious figure when attending a Halloween party, no matter how fantastic an idea it might seem. Some people try to make religious clothes sensual, which is not cool. Hijabs, turbans, the kippah, or niqab are not Halloween costumes but symbols of someone else’s religion or faith, so keep off. Pretending to belong to someone’s religion or mocking their faith is not cool. Just don’t dress up as a religious figure.

Do dress up as someone you admire

A good way to keep it right when attending a Halloween party is to dress up as one of your favorite characters or a public figure you admire. There are so many admirable figures from Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Katty Perry, Hillary Clinton, and other celebrities.

Don’t misappropriate other cultures.

You should not consider other people’s culture less significant just because you don’t practice it. You are going to a Halloween party and not a traditional wedding or some sort of traditional ceremony. Wearing outfits associated with other people’s traditions, such as Indian saris, American native headdresses, Arabic keffiyeh, etc., is associated with stereotyping. So avoid any costume that is not part of your heritage.

Do copy your favorite fairytale characters.

If you can’t seem to decide what to wear for a Halloween party, think about your favorite anime fairytale characters or superheroes you would like to be associated with. You can design a replica look for the character from scratch, buy the costume, recreate the look, or even play dress-up with whatever you have in your closet. You can even add your creative detail to it to spice things up a little. You may be surprised to come up with a costume that turns all the heads at the Halloween party.

Don’t do blackface, brownface, or yellowface.

Some people don’t get it and will go ahead to do someone else’s face as a Halloween look. That is not cool as it is associated with racism, and someone else’s face is not a Halloween costume. However, you can paint yourself with a color natural humans do not have, like green or blue.

Do keep it simple

Regardless of how much you are determined to turn heads at the Halloween party, keep it simple. In most cases, less is more. Avoid overdoing your costume and makeup even if you want to scare everyone to death.

Final words

When dressing up for a Halloween party, try to keep off other people’s religion, traditions, and skin color. Also, try to do it yourself to get your creative juices flowing.

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