Only movies based on games can be worthless than games based on films, but if you remember the game adaptations of star wars, then everything becomes not so clear. Indeed, in forty years there have been so many of them that only the gun dam anime franchise can boast of a large number, but in terms of its diversity, star wars are the most entertaining video game series. There is still no complete list of its representatives on the internet, which is why I set myself the task of telling you about absolutely all-star wars video games in the world. And may the force be with us.

History of the star wars series. Episode i: hidden investment

After the release of the original star wars, Lucas film had no plans for the nascent video game market. Fortunately, the world of the galaxy far, far away has already found its fans, who have taken matters into their own hands and started programming games based on the creation.

The era of unlicensed games 1977

The first documented star mmm888 game is called star wars: rescue. It was developed by bailey for the Apple II computers and published in space games #1. The playing field in it consists of 64 sectors, one of which contains the ship of Darth Vader with princess Leia captured on board. The player needs to save her, in which he will be helped by a phase, rockets, and torpedoes, with the help of which it is necessary to destroy the sectors near the ship, thereby reducing the freedom for its maneuver. To win, you need to drive the ship into a dead end and pull it with a paralyzing beam. If you hit directly on the coordinates of Vader’s ship, then it will explode along with the princess located there, which will mean a loss.


By the following year, most of the star wars games were simulations of the x-wing space fighter and were succinctly called star wars. To win them, you need to destroy as many imperial starships as possible, which now and then fall into the static site. Although in reality, to grease up a popular franchise, it is not necessary to prescribe a plot or come up with gameplay that refers to the film. For example, in the game space maze, which was distributed along with one of the previously mentioned star wars, the outlines of the Imperial starship tie fighter are visible. Although in its place could be anything, because the game is an ordinary labyrinth.


At the same time, there were also such projects that transferred entire fragments from the film to their game, taking into account, of course, the capabilities of the consoles of those years. For example, the bally astrocade video game star battle recreates the cat-and-mouse game between x-wings and tie fighters on the surface of the death star from the original film’s ending.

You can compete both against the computer and the second player. The ship is controlled by a joystick, and to destroy the enemy, you need to use missiles, which you can both dodge and blow them up with your projectiles. In the same year, the star fire arcade machine was released, whose creators were inspired by star wars and even tried to get a license to use the trademark, but it didn’t work out.

It’s a pity because the project for its time was quite a breakthrough. First, he used advanced RGB coloring. Secondly, it was the first arcade machine made in the form of a cabin. And thirdly, it was in star fire that the very table of records first appeared. And in thirty-eight years, the star wars logo will also be repainted red.

The gameplay consists of moving the ship’s sight with the joystick and activating a laser shot by pressing a button. If the intensity of the fire becomes too high, then the weapon overheats and you have to wait until it cools down. In the same year, 1979, George Lucas founded a division of his company called Lucas film computer division, which was supposed to deal with, as you might guess, computer technology and consisted of a video game department and a computer graphics department.

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