Top 9 Hidden Tech Tricks For Your Smartphone and Computer

There are hundreds of hidden tricks, shortcuts, and features that you might not even know you can use on your smartphone. By knowing these tips and techniques, you can get the most out of your technology and make it work for you. Some of these tricks will make your life easier and let you do more with your phone. For example, you can use the back tap gesture to upload paper documents to the cloud. Here are a few more tips and tricks that you should know to get the most out of your smartphone.

First, try to avoid using your phone while it is wet. Even a drop can damage your device. To protect your device, use a waterproof case and make sure the battery is removed and the device is not too hot. You can also try the rice trick to keep the device from getting too hot. But if you don’t have a waterproof case, you can always use the rice trick.

Another hidden tech trick is to turn on Google+. To enable Google+ on your smartphone, you need to sign in to your Google+ account and choose your preferred method of authentication. Once you’ve done that, you won’t be able to access your normal smartphone setup. You’ll need to go into the System section of your phone settings, and then make sure that the toggle at the top is set to the on position.

Using Google+ on your smartphone will allow you to use it without worrying about it being wet. To use Google+ on your smartphone, you’ll need to sign in with Google+. This will allow you to use the phone without worrying about it getting damaged. And once you have signed in, you can now use the app to access the desktop PC. There are other ways to make your smartphone run as well, and these are just a few of them.

Quick charging is an incredible way to charge your smartphone. If you’re using your phone outdoors, you can use a quick charger to charge it quickly. But it’s not that easy. If you want to use Google+, you’ll need to sign in with a Google+ account. Once you’re signed in, you can use the app to do all sorts of other tasks. The application will ask you to sign in again and you can then start using it as usual.

One of the most overlooked and often-ignored tech tricks involves using Google+ to unlock the camera. You’ll need to sign in as a Google+ user, and then select your preferred authentication method. You’ll need to go into the System section of your phone’s settings to see what the toggle at the top looks like. If you’re using Android, you can enable Google+ for faster charging.

To access Google+ from your smartphone, you’ll need to be signed in with a Google+ account. Then, you’ll need to choose an authentication method. If you’re using a quick charger, it’s important to select one that supports the protocol you’re using. This will ensure that you’ll have the best experience on the Internet. There are many other hidden tech tricks for your smartphone and computer that you need to know about. There are many more. Take your time to learn all of them.

You can connect your desktop computer mouse to your smartphone. This way, you can have a pocket PC on the go. This is one of the most common tech tricks for your phone and laptop. If you’re looking to use a mouse, you can buy a USB on-the-go adapter and connect your mouse to your phone’s charging port. This will give you the option to browse the internet from your smartphone.

In order to use the quick charger, you must be logged in on Google+. It will be useful if you regularly use your smartphone for work. You can also use the mouse to create a pocket PC on your Android phone. It will not only save your time but also your money. This trick works by connecting your phone to your desktop computer’s USB port. This will allow you to browse the internet while on the go.

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