Top 5 Java Project Topics For Beginners To Go With In 2022


Java is indeed one of the top languages out there even to date. Though it was developed in the late ‘90s, it still has the same flavour. Many developers love Java and most of them use it for game and application development. Many popular games and applications have been created using the Java language and its libraries.Therefore it is important to Write my Java Code for Me Java is a versatile programming language that can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Some of them are Minescrapt, Brothers in Arms, FIFA 11, Spotify, Twitter, Signal etc. Therefore, today we are going to list some of the Java project topics for beginners that they can develop using this powerful programming language. They can develop them for school projects or for self-practising.

But before that, let us discuss some concepts and libraries that you must know before developing them.


  1. The basics of OOPS: Since Java is an object-oriented language, therefore, you must be familiar with its concepts. Some of them are polymorphism (different behaviour in different conditions), encapsulation (data-hiding), abstraction (data-binding), error handling, etc.


  1. File handling: Since you will create the application that will store the data of the user or even the game data, therefore, you must learn file handling. You must learn the basic CRUD operations (create, read, update, and delete).

[In the projects discussed in this article, we will use the file handling feature to let the users log in again to their dashboard.]

  1. Libraries: Apache Commons, Jackson, Google Guava, JAXB, SLF4J etc.

List of Java project topics for beginners to make in 2021

  1. Management projects: Like Book store, Bank, Hospital, Your ToDo list etc:

Features of the project:

  1. Create an Account of the user along with username and password and security questions.
  2. Login system with username and password.
  3. Add information, update information, and delete information.
  4. Forgot password.
  5. Show full information.

How to implement:  

Use switch statements for asking the user to carry out any of the following operations. Create an account and store information in any file. If the user forgets the password then read the file and match either username or password along with the security question. For storing information, create another file and write data, update or delete as necessary. For showing full information read and print the file data.

  1. Snake game:

Yes, you read it right, snake games are also the Java project topics for beginners.

Features of the project:

  1. Make the snake eat fruits as much as possible.
  2. Kill the snake if it touches its body or obstacles.
  3. Show the score and record it
  4. Update the highest score
  5. Different obstacles and speed limits.

How to implement:

Make the matrix of the desired size. Place some obstacles in some slots. Use linked-list to move the snake. Then use the time interval for shifting the nodes to different slots of the matrix (i.e. the speed of the snake). Then let the user decide which arrow h clicks and then change the slot again using the function.

Use a function to generate the food at random slots. When a snake eats food then increase the nodes by one. If the slot contains obstacles and the pointer reaches it then end the game. (Linked list will make the game dynamic instead of arrays).

  1. Calculator or convertors:


  1. Calculations (according to your complexity)
  2. Conversions like temperature, lengths, areas, binary-octal-hexadecimal-decimals etc.
  3. History (saved as result).

How to implement;

Write some functions and again use the switch statement to ask the user to carry out any operation. Use the file handling feature to store and show history. Use some animations while presenting the result like icons for temperature, weight etc.

  1. Mobile payment service Project:

Well, this can be a web project in which you can use Java for the backend. Or if you want to make it on the console then it would be the same as the management systems discussed above.


  1. A login system
  2. A form-filling feature.
  3. Data handling

How to implement:

Since it’s a web project, therefore, you must be familiar with how to set up a website and deploy it. Spring and spring-boot are two frameworks you must learn. You must understand what REST API is and how to use them. How you can handle the JSON data. Then use cookies and store data for auto-filling of the form for the next time.

  1. A simple quiz on the trending topic (like covid-19):


  1. 10 questions (selected randomly from the file) in 10 minutes.
  2. Scorecard
  3. Show answers
  4. Educating people

How to implement:

Make the user press the S key for stating the quiz. Start the timer, create a counter variable for score and generate the questions. For each question, have four options using the switch statement. If the user gives a correct answer then increment the score by one. Clear the screen if the time finishes or the user attempts all questions. Show answers and scorecard. Record the highest score.

These are the top 5 Java project topics for beginners.

Let’s wrap it up!

In today’s article, we saw some basic Java project topics for beginners. We discussed what concepts and libraries you must know to develop these projects. After that, we have listed some projects for you. They were management projects, calculators or converters, snake game, mobile payment service, and a quiz game.

We hope you found our article worth it and in case you have any queries then you can let us know. We always try to help you. Also, you can take JavaAssignmentHelp experts’ support for your Java assignments, and projects. Hope you have a nice day ahead.

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