Are online Personality tests helpful?

One cannot use the internet nowadays without being inundated with suggestions for online quizzes. These quizzes vary in range, where one might tell you what your spirit animal is to another telling you what your personality type is. Today we focus on the latter and see if they hold any truth to them.

Overview of Personality Tests

Most personality quizzes on the internet are for entertainment, but every once in a while, they can reveal a side of you that you might have never noticed. They might highlight a quirk or an idiosyncrasy in your behavior that might have gone unnoticed before. But overall, most of these quizzes are nothing more than a source of amusement and a way to pass time.

While it is fun to find out which Friends character you are or what your spirit animal is. There are a lot of legitimate personality tests out there which can reveal a lot about you and even help you overcome some of your issues and help you figure things out about yourself.

The difficult person test is one such example. As the name suggests this test will help you find out how difficult of a person you are. It was developed by Dr. Chelsea Sleep and her team at the University of Georgia. The test is an amalgamation of quizzes which when answered can highlight traits in your personality which make you a difficult person for others to cope with.

It has become one of the most famous tests online and considering that it’s free, a lot of people are taking it to find out more about themselves. Even professionals like counselors and Psychologists also offer this test to their patients.

Benefits of Personality Tests

Depending on the test, benefits can vary widely. Personality tests can help you identify your faults, they can help you improve your good traits and help weed out the bad ones. Here is an overview

Identify the right path for you

The things you like to do and the things you don’t like greatly affect your personality. Being forced into doing something even unknowingly can have long-lasting ramifications. More often than not, it’s the workplace where this happens.

Some tests can tell if you are an introvert or an extrovert, they can tell what kind of job you are well suited for. They can tell if you would like to do a particular task or not and finding the right kind of work can make a world of difference and can lead to a happy healthy life.

Know what kind of environment is ideal for You

Some people excel in stress-filled hyper-active environments and some are unable to cope with them and completely break down. Whether in school or at work, having the right kind of environment can increase your efficiency manyfold.

Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Our strengths and weaknesses define who we are as individuals. They come in all forms, like the ability to think on your feet or able to make a decision even when under stress is a strength. On the other hand, being prone to anger or being overly shy is a weakness. Some tests can identify all these strengths and weaknesses.

It is our strengths that push us in life. If we know our strengths, we can work on improving them, to make ourselves better. Similarly, our weaknesses hold us back, and if we know what they are we can work on removing them.

Remember Tests are only tools

There is one thing that you must remember. While these tests are helpful, they are not the solution to all your problems. They have their limitations too, for starters they are designed for a general audience and not for a specific person.

They can help identify traits and quirks in your personality and make you think about them, but they cannot completely solve your issues. They are nothing more than tools to find out one’s personality type and should be used as such and should not be relied upon for anything more.

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