Your Ultimate Guide to Timeless Denim Pieces

Denim has been a classic and timeless piece in the world of fashion. Big brands such as Calvin Klein have made their mark and have been the precursors to the denim craze in this industry.

Denim has been a classic and timeless piece in the world of fashion. Big brands such as Calvin Klein have made their mark and have been the precursors to the denim craze in this industry.

People love wearing denim because of its versatility. With the right styling, you can pair almost anything and everything with a good denim piece.

From Pants, Jackets, Dresses, and even accessories such as hats and bags, you will have a denim version of them all.

If you want to know how to style these pieces in your wardrobe, keep on reading!

5 Denim Must Haves and How to Style Them

Denim Pants

Everyone has a pair of these in their closets. But if you’re tired of wearing them casually on a lazy day, one way to elevate your Denim Pants is to wear them with your usual casual tee, and add a chic corporate blazer over it. Bonus tip is to style them with a good pair of pumps, and to complete the look throw in some elegant gold accessories. This is the best way to transform your outfit from boring casual, to smart casual. Perfect for a day in the office (and even in school)!

Denim Jacket

Now this piece is one of the crowd favorites which never gets missed in the list of trendy pieces throughout the years. The reason why this is an essential to your wardrobe is because you can pair this jacket with almost anything. Whether it is a skirt, a dress, or even with denim pants (yes, denim on denim is still a thing) a Denim Jacket is always a nice accent to your outfit plus it keeps you warm at the same time! If you don’t know how to take your fit to the next level, you could never go wrong with a good ol denim jacket.

Denim Dress

You may find this piece intimidating at first, but this piece is actually a nice addition to your wardrobe. Because it is a one-piece clothing, it is kind of hard to style which might lead you to think that you can just wear this every once in a while. But, there are actually many ways to wear a denim dress, and the key to this is – layering. A way to wear your denim dress, is to add a piece over or under it. If you have a sleeveless dress, you can make use of it in the fall by adding a nice long sleeved turtleneck top underneath. This would make your dress look like an overall and you can even trick people into thinking that you’re wearing an entirely different piece. Another way is to add a nice pair of jacket over it, and always remember that accessorizing is always key to elevating an old boring outfit.

Denim Overalls

Who said overalls are no longer in? Over the past year, Denim Overalls have been making a comeback in the latest fashion trends. Just like the denim dress, layering is also a key to making this denim piece work. One of the new trends in wearing the overalls is, instead of wearing a shirt over it fashion icons would usually get a pair that is in a bigger size and work a nice cami top or bralette under it. During the winter season, this is a perfect piece to go for because you can match this piece with a nice fitting sweater, and an oversized cardigan over it. Denim overalls are actually fun to work with especially if you are someone who is into casual outfits.

Denim Bucket Hat

The last one on our list is not a common piece but we think that it is wise to invest in a Denim Bucket Hat. If you don’t know what accessories to add to your outfit, a nice denim bucket hat would help give your fit an edge and it makes for a good sun protection as well. If you want to tone down a colorful outfit, this piece will definitely help you neutralize it. Or maybe you’re tired of wearing too much accessories, but afraid to look plain, throw in a denim bucket hat on top and you’re ready to make the world your runway.

Final Thoughts

The items we have listed above are the closet essentials that you need especially now that we are in the fall season. Want to look edgy? Throw in a denim jacket. Want to stand out? Put on a denim dress.

Denims will never go out of style, and you don’t have to be afraid to stand out by wearing these pieces, or being too boring with your old pair of denim pants. Wear them with style and confidence!

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