Tips to stop polo shirts from shrinking

One of the most frustrating things is when you put on your favorite polo t-shirt and realize it doesn’t fit as the last time you wore it. Most people wonder that their shirt has shrunk a dew size even when they get too costly. Nowadays, polo shirts have become the most important wardrobe for everyone. It is important for anyone seeking a casual but stylish look, and washing them correctly is integral to keeping them fresh. Here are some best and effective tips to stop your polo shirts from shrinking.

Water temperature

When you are washing your polo shirts, you have to wash them at a recommended water temperature. Most t-shirts for men are made out of the cotton blend to shrink because of the tension applied during the construction process. This tension will be released by the heat by water or air and cause the shirt to shrink back to its original size.

Most shrinkage occurs during the first time you wash them, so you have to wash your shirts in cold water as it won’t release the tension of the individual shirt fibers. You have to wash the polo t-shirts for men at the recommended water temperature and during the laundry detergent, ensure to read the label as it might only work well in hot water. If your shirt is designed to wash in cold water, you can prefer cold water detergents since they are specifically designed for cold water and washing t-shirts.

Washing machine settings

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a washing machine to wash their clothes which works by physically agitating clothes to help loosen and remove dirt. Some fabrics might get damaged when washed regularly, so try to use the delicate cycle on the machine when washing the clothes. This is because the delicate cycle will use a much gentler machine action and slower spin and rinse cycles which also help to prevent shrinking. When you get the polo t-shirts for men, ensure to read the instructions to know which type of washing is recommended for the specific material to prevent some damage and shrinkage.

When you wash your polo shirts, use cold water cycles and leave your shirts in the machine for the entire cycle and get ready to take it out as soon as it is done. Polo shirts can wear out over time when you use warm water, so prefer cold water as it will still get your shirts clean. Also, you can hand wash your polo shirts, but it is not advisable as it can create the dye to bleed a little, so that you can prefer machine wash in a delicate or hand wash setting.

Drying techniques

When it comes to drying your shirts, you have to pay attention to it as it is both art and science. As you have seen above, heat cause cotton to shrink, and even the dryer will still use heat to dry your clothes in the lowest setting. Mostly, you prefer to air dry your clothes, and if you don’t find time for them, you can put them in the dryer on the lowest heat setting for anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes if possible. It is advisable to avoid putting delicate polo shirts through an entire drying cycle to avoid damages. When you put them in a dryer, you should be prepared to remove the polo shirts almost immediately.

It is recommended to remove your round neck t-shirt when they are still damp to the touch because it will help in preventing over-drying and possible destruction of any prints and logos. When you prefer to dry your shirts outside, try to avoid direct contact with sunlight because the heat from the sun is just as warm as a dryer, so that it might cause any damage to your shirts. The UV rays from the sun can fade the colours or crack the logo or design so ensure not to dry your shirts in direct sunlight.

Read the labels carefully

When you get polo t-shirts for menit is essential to read the labels carefully to avoid damages and shrinkages even after the first wash. Though some common washing suggestions apply to most shirts, some shirts will be constructed out of entirely different materials, so it is essential to concentrate on the labels. The labels will give clear instructions on how to wash and dry the shirt properly. Also, remember that just because the tag says that it’s ok to throw it into the dryer doesn’t necessarily mean you should do so.

Wrapping it up

Almost every t-shirt tends to stretch when you wear it for a long period, but you can avoid it by following the proper instruction on the label. When you buy your polo t-shirts, ensure to read the labels and understand them carefully to avoid wear after the several wash and use.


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