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holiday jewelry

If you’re like me, jewelry is your favorite thing. I can’t stop buying fashion jewelry! But now that it’s holiday time, the question becomes what to do with all my jewelry? I know jewelry isn’t as important as sentimental items or clothes for packing, but I still want to make sure my jewelry makes the journey with me and doesn’t get lost in a suitcase somewhere.  So how do I pack jewelries for holidays?

Monica from Umisoul gives some helpful jeweler’s tips on packing your jewelries for holidays to ensure they make it to you destination safe and unscathed.

  1. Wrap each piece of jewelry in tissue paper:

This is the easiest jeweler’s tip on packing jewelries for holidays. It ensures that everything stays put, no one gets tangled up and its a guarantee your jewelries won’t scratch other items in the baggage.

  1. Pack each jewelery item in small zip lock bags:

Small zip locks ensure that nothing tangles and they keep moisture out (all those jewelers anti-rust sachets are basically desiccants!). I also tend to tape over the zippers of my jewelery bags with masking tape just so nothing gets in or out by accident.

  1. Place the wrapped pieces into a small box or pouch:

Jewelry packing is easier if everything has its own space. It’s also helpful to keep jewelery together in case you’re looking for a necklace or earrings.

  1. Fill any empty space:

Good jewelers always have a safe place for their jewelery. Once jeweleries are in their spaces, you can pack the rest of the box with newspaper to fill up any empty space and prevent jewelry from moving around and getting lost (the most common holiday jewelery packing mistake).

  1. Put that jewelery box into your luggage:

It’s best to put jewelery in your luggage so they can move around with you.  That way, if some jewelery falls out while the bags are being loaded onto the plane or while you’re moving about, it won’t get lost forever.

  1. Tape shut boxes and pouches securely:

Make sure jewelery boxes and pouches can’t accidentally open in your bag. Get some good packing tape and seal the jewelery box securely! This is one of the most important jeweler’s tips on packing jewelries for holidays.

  1. Seal boxes and pouches tightly:

Screw down jewelery boxes and pouches tightly. If the jewelery box comes open, this will help ensure that everything stays in its own place. Jewelers tape also does a great job of keeping jewelery boxes closed.

  1. Don’t pack jewelery in your carry on!

A jewelery box should be a last minute resort. It’s not a good idea to pack jewelery in your carry on while going through security, or while going for a walk around the airport. Things get lost and misplaced very easily in these circumstances. In general it’s best to keep jewelery with you at all times!

  1. Label each box or pouch clearly:

If you just label the jewelery box “jewelry”, then people might think its ok to open it up and look at all your stuff without permission (or worse yet, throw away the jewelery box by accident!) Label it clearly so that nobody gets confused about what’s inside.

  1. Put jewelery on last:

In general, jewelery is the last thing to go in a suitcase because it tends to settle everything out and make everything more difficult for you once its packed. I wait until the absolute last moment before putting on jeweleries so nothing gets squashed or broken along the way!

  1. Don’t pack jewelery in your checked luggage:

Although jewelery is not as fragile as electronics or clothing, jewelery can still get broken and lost very easily when packed in your checked luggage.

  1. Wear jewelery you’re going to take on a trip:

If I know I’m going to need a pair of earrings or a ring for an event, then I just wear it before my trip so I don’t have to worry about the jeweleries being squashed or sliding around during travel. It’s also nice because you show up wearing all the jewelerys you might have had to pack!

  1. Wrap fragile items in paper towels:

Your jewelery is not the only thing you need to keep safe during your travels. If you have fragile items in your suitcase, wrap them in paper towels so they don’t break against the jewelerys inside. This is one of the most important jewelers packing tips for holidays!

  1. Keep all jewelery in a single area:

If there are parts of jewelery that tend to get lost, then just tape them together with masking tape before placing it into a jeweltery pouch. That way when you’re looking for something it will be easy to find because nothing will have shifted or fallen out when moving through your luggage!

As you go through this checklist, make sure to pack items that are comfortable and simple. You don’t want your jewelry getting in the way of all of your holiday activities!  Hopefully jewelery packing does not stress you out as much anymore. Have a happy holiday season and happy jeweling!

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