3 Core Tips for a Quick Job Search

In today’s rapidly changing and developing world which is full of great work opportunities everybody wants to find a job that would be not only interesting and challenging but also well paid. Moreover, good work organization, a close-knit team, and perfect company’s image are rather good bonuses, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, you are not the only one wishing to find a perfect workplace, that’s why you should act as quickly and effectively as possible. So, in this article, I would like to talk about the job-finding process and more specifically – “how to find a job quickly?”. Maybe you will find some of the tips mentioned below too general or too obvious, however, those are fundamental rules which are much more important than any specific pieces of advice such as “use this magic website” or just sharing or experience which maybe not applicable to your case.

           To begin with, everybody knows this is one of the worst feelings in the world when you are unemployed and permanently looking for some special job offers. You get up every morning with a certain dissatisfaction because you know: “I’m not making any money and I don’t know the day I will”. Then you fill out numerous applications, create new email scripts, change a couple of lines in your CV presentation, and make some promising phone calls. But at the end of the day, you feel so down and depressed because you haven’t found another job and the only thing you must look forward to is doing the same thing all over again tomorrow. So, is it possible to reduce such horrible days to at least a week? In other words, how can you find a good career opportunity within just a couple of days? Let’s discuss!

  1.     Use temping agencies and job boards

The number one tip to find a job quickly is using Temping (Temp) agencies, staffing agencies, sometimes even Day Labour (which is related to cases when a worker is hired and paid one day at a time). These places are going to be your best short-term friends if it comes to the issue of getting money as fast as possible.

           It is worth mentioning that such organizations are extremely effective. The primary reason is the fact that they are the only people in town who are in daily communication with numerous employers looking for potential employees. Such agencies have not only superficial knowledge of what jobs are in higher demand now – they know when, how many and what people companies are looking to hire, and they are able to expertise this process as intermediates. It seems like such organizations may use your urgent need for work for their own good and put you at some low-paid stuff. Surprisingly, most of the feedbacks could be like: “I’ve used temp agencies many times. The process is effortless: I called up, filled out the application form, and went through a quick staff agency internal interview process. Voila! The next day I received 2 offers!”. Obviously, sometimes 1-day or 2-days breaks may happen, but it is far more often when you get a couple of appropriate work-related offers the very next day. 

However, temp agencies cannot always suit your needs. Such companies are the best option for small towns where people know each other and quickly share information about the labour demand. On the other hand, if you live in a big city or want to increase your chances to find a good job elsewhere, try job boards. These are websites that publish and process thousands of vacancies all around the country or even the world. Trusted international resources with a user-friendly interface and well-organized selection process help you find the most suitable vacancies within days. Numerous filters let you find options that suit your location, wage, and experience requests. Be it a delivery driver or a marketing manager job, you can look into different options in one click. 

  1.   Act Proactively

Before I start going deeper into the details of the second core tip, you should understand the basic meaning of the word “proactive”. Let me take a swift step back to the example of the job-finding day I mentioned above. Endless reading through positions, their descriptions, and requirements skimming relevant advertisements, etc. – can these actions be considered as proactive? – Absolutely not! Proactive means controlling your situation rather than just responding to events.

           The way to find a job is acting outside the box, acting proactively. Such acts may include great number of different approaches: going to your favorite brand store in a mall, calling directly to HR departments or any other relevant decision-makers, and so on. Take the place of any HR manager for a moment and think about one easy dilemma: would you rather sift through twenty applications to find an appropriate person for the next stage of interview or just talk to the guy who is available, ready to work immediately, and which is more important, willing to do so?

           It goes without saying that such an approach mostly relates to cases where you prioritize immediate finding of any job over a long process of assessments and interviewing in large corporations.

Basically, you just should be more active and willing to take over control over the situation instead of sitting at home, being self-pity, and making a couple of applications during a day at its best. If are not afraid of acting this way, take your CV with you and go ahead!

  1. Don’t forget about social network

The third tip which cannot be ignored is related to the usage of technologies and social media networks to find a job. Everybody must admit – today every person has at least one active social media account with hundreds or even thousands of “friends” and subscribers. Noticeably, the vast majority of these accounts are used for sharing funny videos and posting vacation pictures. Nonetheless, we can use social media for way more advantageous purposes: one of which is finding a job quicker than ever. 

A simple post, tweet, or video describing your case and previous work experience may not gather hundreds of likes, but it can help you to resolve an important real-life issue. Probably, you may find such an approach very embarrassing and inappropriate for your social network account. Nevertheless, it is almost certainly that swallowing your pride and putting your self-esteem aside will bear its fruits in relation to your issue. Let people know the problem and they will help you!

* Increase your chances                                               

Even though all of the points mentioned above should help you to find a worthy workplace as fast as you want, there is one more additional aspect to pay attention to – the type of potential job. You should use any advantage over other job seekers even if you think there is no such thing in your case.

 In the first place try any business areas you previously were in, where you had any experience. Check all relevant companies in your area and apply proactively. Even if you have some doubts regarding your experience – you think it is rather limited, and work-related knowledge is negligible – you should still apply. In the same line business areas even insignificant experience and knowledge will certainly help you to get some advantage over other potential employees, which gives you higher chances to get a job even faster.

Secondly, think about jobs that might have high turnover rates such as UPS, FedEx, retail sales manager, hotel housekeeper, technical support/customer service representative, and any other physically demanding/ night shift jobs. Generally, high turnover rates relate to people’s unwillingness to do such jobs or quick burnout in doing so. However, it doesn’t have to be your long-term job – you can get hired for a few months. While you’re doing that you can be looking for a job you’re really aiming at. Thus, if you consider such spheres of work, you can find a job at the click of your fingers.

Some of you may consider the tips discussed above as relatively unimportant, vague, or obvious. That’s exactly what most people do – ignoring fundamental rules but focusing on any specific parts of the job-seeking process such as comparing your CV to other people’s ones and thinking about your ideal job offer all day long. Undoubtedly, these steps do take place but don’t pay too much of your attention to them. Otherwise, you may get stuck on this stage for a long time.

In conclusion, we would just point out key spots – be a proactive person, use tools that other people don’t know about, and don’t be shy or embarrassed to share your issues. The result will not keep you waiting and finally, you will find a job you really wanted. There is certainly no reason to be unemployed for any longer than a couple of weeks nowadays. Use these tips, get your job quickly, and put one more big X on your page! 

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