How to Scale Online Business with Dedicated Hosting in Mumbai

If you run an eCommerce website or any video streaming website business, then you will need good web hosting to host your website online. You have a lot of options in web hosting such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Cloud Hosting. But this hosting is beneficial when you drive low to moderate traffic on your website.

When you planned to scale your online business and increase the count of your potential visit drive into your website, then at that moment your existing web hosting is not performing well. You need the best web hosting that can handle a huge amount of traffic and provides a secure environment.

A dedicated Server in Mumbai is one of the best web hostings that smoothly handles a huge amount of traffic and gives super fast speed with a highly secured environment. So, in this article, I would like to present how to scale your online business through a dedicated server in Mumbai.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The dedicated server is the type of web hosting that provides complete ownership over the server to the client. However, another web hosting is shared with other websites. This web hosting is widely used for big institutions, high volume traffic, video streaming websites, etc. It is also named a bare metal server.

Why Dedicated Server is Important for Online Business in Mumbai

Nowadays, The biggest trouble to run any online business is data safety and privacy. A dedicated server provides an opportunity to keep your server resources separated. They provide a unique space for your resources and can not be shared with anyone else. It is specially designed for single business owners. Business owners have complete control over the server which helps to modify their server according to the business requirements.

Every business founder wants to grow their business organically. Higher the ranking on the google search page, the higher the chances of conversion of any potential customer. With a dedicated server, you can decrease your website load time and increase your ranking on the google search page.

We see a lot of benefits after using a dedicated server for our business. Now we discussed the advantages of using a dedicated server. So keep reading this article and gain your knowledge.

Advantages of Using Mumbai Dedicated Server

When you switch your existing web hosting to a dedicated server, you can experience tremendous growth in your business. Following points, you can learn about the existing benefits of a Dedicated Server Mumbai.

  • Complete Control: Your web hosting provider provides you with complete control on a server that allows you to design your server by yourself.
  • Flexibility: Organizations can easily customize their server resources.
  • Scalability: Dedicated server allows you to scale easily your server resources.
  • Value for Money: Although, the dedicated server is expensive as compared to other hosting but it gives major advantages at this price.
  • Performance: Best Dedicated server Mumbai helps to increase your website speed and provided advanced security features. That’s why it helps to grow business execution.
  • Reliability – Most of the time you have seen, some website goes down. But a cheap dedicated server Mumbai is more reliable than other servers.

These are some major points on a cheap Dedicated Server that helps to scale your online business. But where you get the most loyal and trustworthy provider who provides you best-dedicated server Mumbai.

I will be recommended a brand that offers the most desirable dedicated server in Mumbai which helps to grow your business.

Why Serverwala Dedicated Server is Best in Mumbai?

Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides a fully managed and fully upgraded dedicated server in Mumbai. They provided the best dedicated hosting with the best services at a cheaper rate. They offer to run both operating systems like Linux and Windows Dedicated server.

There are a lot of benefits of choosing a dedicated server from Serverwala Cloud Data Center in Mumbai.

  1. 99.9% Network Uptime – The company claim’s to offer 99.9% network uptime which helps to increase customer experience.
  2. DDoS Protection – They gives an advanced feature of security to protect your data from DDoS attack.
  3. High Bandwidth – Experienced superfast network speed with premium bandwidth.
  4. Get cPanel – You can easily manage your dedicated server activity by using cPanel.
  5. 24/7 Customer Support – Serverwala Cloud Data Center is completely focused to resolve your query through an experienced customer support team, email, live chat.
  6. Affordable Pricing – They offers multiple packages of Dedicated server in Mumbai. You can select any package as suits your business.
  7.  Root Level Access – You get complete access to the server. So, you manage your server on your own.

Serverwala’s Plans and Pricing of Dedicated Server

You can get guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, 99.9% Network Uptime, and at the lowest price. They offer very flexible pricing by providing exciting packages.


An online business like eCommerce, video streaming, gaming websites requires more storage and high speed. Another web hosting is not eligible to load that amount of traffic at a time. Therefore, a Dedicated server in Mumbai is the most reliable choice for scaling an online business.

If you planned to scale your online business and struggling to find the most trustworthy web hosting provider in Mumbai, then I suggest you explore Serverwala Cloud Datacenter.


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