5 Tips to Becoming a Faster Runner

5 Tips to Becoming a Faster Runner

5 Tips to Becoming a Faster Runner

Knowing that you can run the fastest you possibly can must feel great because it’s a huge achievement. You see, running has a way of revealing our weaknesses, pushing us to do better each time.

Considering there are no shortcuts to clocking amazing speeds, you’re probably wondering what it is you can do to run faster.

Well, you just need to put in the work, and with the right strategies, you should become faster sooner.

Whether you’re an experienced runner who wants to improve your speed or you’re a total beginner struggling with running, the roadmap is pretty much the same.

Your adversary is none other than yourself, which means you have to master the strength to outdo your best time. And you absolutely can!

Check out our list of five effective tips to help you run faster:

1.    Increase Your Energy

Energy plays a key role in boosting your running speed. If you’re not strong enough, you’ll have a difficult time powering your body to get to the finish line faster.

Now, a comprehensive way of increasing your energy levels is to work on your body, both internally and externally.

Getting stronger from within means watching your diet and making sure that you eat foods packed with nutrients. Remember, the healthier you are, the stronger you can get. So, lay down those foundational blocks from within by eating healthy.

The external side of this is strength training. Exercises such as weight lifting and resistance movements are great for building muscles. You need strong core muscles to generate power and reduce chances of injury while running.

2.    Work on Endurance

Endurance means being able to perform a physically demanding activity for an extended period without getting exhausted.

How does that help with running faster?

Well, if you’re often out of breath after each run, increasing your speed is going to be challenging because high speeds drain you pretty fast.

You can counter that exhaustion by building endurance, which will make your runs easier with the more stamina you gain.

If you’re wondering how you can build endurance, the most effective method is cardiovascular exercise.

Cardio exercises are specific and intense movements that work on strengthening the heart and respiratory system.

3.    Run Regularly

Practice makes people perfect their art. It comes from a saying as old as time but with truth to it. If you want to become a fast runner, then make a habit of running.

The more consistent you are, the more your body will adapt. With time, your usual mileage will start to feel less demanding. This means your body has gotten used to that level of difficulty and is ready for more.

Make a habit of running at least two times a week to maintain good form. Speed will come naturally as your body accommodates more challenges.

4.    Manage Your Weight

A healthy weight is good for stability and is effective when it comes to running. While someone could argue that anyone can be a runner, body weight does play a role in how fast you can actually run.

If you’re overweight, you’ll struggle to improve your speed. The same goes for underweight runners. Basically, a balanced, moderate weight is ideal. Check your BMI and see if it’s within a healthy range.

There are many programs you can join to either lose weight or gain some to help you get fit.

A recent solution that’s gaining momentum among scientists is cannabis. Research has uncovered certain cannabinoids that can aid in both weight loss and weight gain. Veriheal offers more insight into this alternative solution.

5.    Take Your Time

You can’t go from zero to running a marathon. Similarly, you can’t get fast overnight. Building speed takes time and consistency. The best you can do is take your time to get used to the different changes you witness as you run more and more.

Increased strength and stamina will be the first things you’ll notice. These changes show you’re on the right track. Keep in mind that beating one’s previous record is tough even for professionals. It can take months of hard work just to be a minute faster.

So take your time and try not to do too much too soon. You can only push your body up to a point before you start risking serious injuries.

And if you’re not seeing immediate results, remember what we said just now: it can take months to notice a difference in your speed.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to become a fast runner but don’t know where to begin, arm yourself with our tips and hit the track.

Ultimately, all you need is to put in the hard work, and soon you’ll begin to see results. Work on building your energy reserves and endurance first, then just keep running and stay patient.


Remember, as you push yourself, listen to your body too. You know what’s normal for you and what isn’t.

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