Top 3 Interactive Online Slide Presentation Ideas for Beginner

Maintaining your audience’s attention for extended periods of time may be one of the most difficult difficulties when speaking in front of a large group of people. Numerous presenters have caught audience members looking at their phones, daydreaming, or otherwise not paying full attention to the online slide presentation. Let’s face it; we’ve all sat through uninteresting meetings and came out feeling totally uninspired and disinterested. It’s possible that you even fell asleep at a boring meeting or function.

  1. Visual and auditory effects should be included.
    Simply stated, they contribute to making your online slide presentations less monotonous. A natural way to energize an audience is to play music or use sound effects. Music is an excellent tool for building rapport with an audience since it elicits emotional responses and may assist them in recalling presenting topics.
  2. Increase the amount of control the audience has.
    Allowing the audience to go back to earlier slides will help them comprehend better if they have control over the presentation slides. Online slide presentations are the most effective tool for successfully communicating your ideas to an audience. Mentimeter allows attendees to glance at slides on their cellphones, allowing them to quickly review anything they may have missed or wish to go over again later in the presentation. This also enables people to interact while speaking by clicking on a slide presentation to “like” it or sending a “heart,” which is excellent for you since it helps you see which slides the audience enjoys the most.
  3. Distribute the presenting responsibilities.
    The use of audience members and guest speakers to alter the subject matter, get a new point of view, and freshen up the presentation manner is an excellent approach to re-engage your audience and keep them interested. Remember to prepare ahead of time; you don’t want to surprise someone with this at the last minute or in the middle of online slide presentations!

Using SlideHTML5

The SlideHTML5 platform is simple and easy to use. It is completely free to use, and there is no software to download or install. Simply click ‘Upload PowerPoint,’ pick the file from your storage device, and SlideHTML5 will convert it for you. The result is a dynamic, interactive online slide presentation that is free of formatting problems. The user may proceed to rapidly share slides and then return to their other activities at their disposal.

Users may share slides directly from their SlideHTML5 page, resulting in more content hits, likes, and followers. The homepage contains a listing of all of the user’s presentations as well as their favorites.
Once a full online slide presentation is completed, a URL is generated that may be used to share the slides with others. This eliminates the need to transmit large PPT files that take up valuable storage space and are incompatible with other programs.

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