Importance of Biometric Consent Verification in the freelancing world

Meta desc: freelancing is a rapidly growing industry and also the most affected industry by fraudsters. To ensure that freelancing is a safe marketplace.

What is Biometric Consent Verification?

It is a unique and secure way to verify your customers which cannot be bypassed through some tricks like a lot of spammers cracked phone verification by using online SMS verification websites. 

In Biometric Consent Verification users have to verify his/her identity by holding a document with some code written on it and 

Make a live presence in front of the camera in order to verify his/her identity.

It corresponds with 2 verification methods one is biometric screening and the second is biometric ID or other documents to perform KYC for different industries like banking sectors, online gaming, and freelancing, etc.

Emerging Users Of Freelancing Industry:

Recent research has concluded that there are 57 million freelancers in the United States and 59% of them are male freelancers. In 2020 the United States had the most demand for freelancers.

The freelancer industry raised 5% of the total US GDP.

According to research, Europe experienced a 45% increase in freelancers from 2014 to 2019.

Over the next few years, adults are expected and urged to do freelancing or work independently.

There are some top freelancing websites that have millions of users such as Upwork has over 17 users and freelancer has 31 million users and in top 3 websites Fiverr is one of the top websites which has over 7 million users registered on this website.

Threads Or Scams In Freelancing:

An increasing number of users also offer new ways of scams and fraud in any industry. Cybercrimes and digital scams are getting common these days. In the freelancing industry, scams can be done by both freelancers and employers. It is very important to read the guidelines of freelancing platforms to prevent fraud or scams. 

Some of the major guidelines to prevent scams are as follows:

  • Do not agree on payment outside freelancing platform

Freelancing platforms encourage freelancers to receive payment only on their platforms. As the risk of scams decreases up to 90% when transactions are made within a freelancing website. 

  • Use Milestone method to secure project

To secure payments of the freelancers all freelancing websites can do is to provide a milestone method to their users. This is how the milestone method works. The employer has to send payment to the freelancing website and they hold the payment until the freelancer completes the task accordingly. It favors both employers and freelancers as there is no chance for employers to revoke the payment and freelancers can’t take payment before completing the project.

In case of any inconvenience, both freelancer and employer can dispute the money if anything went wrong.

  • Check If employers have a verified account

It is very necessary to make sure that employers complete their profiles and their accounts are verified. There are many verification methods platforms like these are providing such as Biometric recognition, ID card verification, Document verification, etc.

How To Overcome Scams In Freelancing Industry:

After facing so many scams and cybersecurity complaints, the freelancing industry’s best weapon to prevent these Scams is a verification system that can authenticate the users and identify their identity.

This is where Biometric consent verification takes place and plays a massive role in order to decrease the scam ratio up to 90%.

Biometric screening allows this industry to validate their users and check their identity if they are real users or bots using their website to spread scams.

As biometric security is Artificial Intelligence based and used different API’s to validate its customers from database, so it makes it more difficult for scammers to fraud and eases the headache of the freelancing industry to keep the record of their valid users who are successfully passed the verification step by providing their documents or a security check-in which they have to hold a biometric ID card and show their presence in real-time.

Misconceptions about Consent verification:

There are numerous misconceptions that can mislead any industry and give scammers a chance to damage any industry.

Some of the common misconceptions are:

  • Dodge using static photos

In the early times of biometric security checks with fewer iterations, there might be a chance of dodging this verification check. But now in the latest and optimized authentication solutions, the system has covered all its flaws and in the verification process, it may ask the user to move their head upside down.

  • Facial changes may affect verification working

With the passage of time, face features may change a little bit, or beard style may change the looks.

But that is where artificial intelligence performs magic. It deeply analyses the face features and small changes will not affect the working of biometric consent verification.


It is known that people are getting more aware of freelancing and they pay attention to their freelancing projects. Even people can survive in a situation like a pandemic by just doing freelancing. It is also known that in the crowd of angels there are devils as well. To filter out those devils we use biometric verification. Which can validate the user and reject the request of invalid users.

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