7 tips to recycle your video content

Let’s be honest, creating video content for social media can be disappointing. It takes a long time, particularly when creating long videos. Even something that seems simple can take a few hours. Besides, once you have created, edited and published it, the life time of your video can be very short. Do not give up. It is possible to extend the life of your video and recycle it in many ways. In this article we will show you 7 ways to recycle your video content. 

  1. Make a podcast

Video content is at its peak. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are pushing us to post more and more videos. However, not everyone wants to observe. Viewers have to devote their full attention to watching a video. They should stop doing other activities to focus on what they see and hear. Audio content is much easier to consume as it only uses one of our senses. We can listen to podcasts while doing other things; driving, cleaning the house, exercising.

  1. Turn your video content into an article for your blog

Videos can add value to your articles, but search engines and some of your readers still prefer written content. Creating a transcript or article based on your most recent video can make your video more accessible to your blog readers. You just have to add your video to your blog and write down some of the most important points for readers. By giving your visitors the option to watch your video or read key points about it, you are almost guaranteed to win their curiosity. If you want to customize your video with the theme of the article you want to add but don’t have any sources, you can get free stock of video content by using this Artgrid Discount Code.

  1. Make a one minute trailer for your Instagram

You can upload your entire video to platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but what about Instagram and its restrictions? Instagram allows you to upload videos up to a minute long. Instead of trying to say everything in 60 seconds, you can create a little trailer. You can talk about what your video is about or just select a section that will pique the curiosity of your followers on Instagram.

  1. Create a story on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat

You can post a few seconds of your video for your stories. Just edit 10 or 15 second segments and show your followers what you are about to post on your video.

  1. Make a trailer on Twitter

Twitter allows you to upload videos of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds (that’s 140 seconds – will it change to 480 seconds soon?). Just like you did for Instagram, you can edit shorter versions of your video and add a direct link to the full video on Facebook or Youtube.

  1. Edit a version that includes your videos in one

We have only focused on ways to recycle your long videos. However, you can also take advantage of all your shorter videos. This can be for example short videos with animated phrases, Vines that you have made with your camera, Boomerangs on Instagram or other types of formats such as Timelapse or Hyperlapse. You can combine these videos into one to take advantage of them and republish them.

  1. Blooper

There is something about seeing other people’s mistakes that attracts visitors to your videos. If you made some mistakes while producing your video you can use this material to create another one.

Ready to recycle your video content?

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