TOP 6 wholesale Sterile Gauze Bandage Suppliers in the USA


A gauze bandage is an essential part of the first aid box. Different types of bandages are used according to the nature of the injury or wound.  It is one of the over-the-counter items that is frequently sold.

Where to get the wholesale sterile gauze bandage for business purposes? It is an important topic for the wholesalers and resellers. Here we gathered some best names for wholesale bandages in the USA. Before talking about these suppliers, let’s briefly talk about sterile and nonsterile bandages and which is more effective.

Sterile Gauze Bandage

A sterile gauze bandage means a disinfectant bandage that resists the bacteria and living microorganisms so that they cannot harm the wound.  It is more suitable for open wounds.  As it helps to get an infection. It is more expensive than a non-sterile gauze bandage.

Non-Sterile Gauze Bandage

A non-Sterile gauze bandage is not completely free from bacteria so it is not good for an open wound as it provides soft cushioning support and coverage to the wound.

6 best options to buy wholesale Sterile Bandage Supplier in the USA

Following are some convenient methods to acquire the wholesale sterile bandage stock for reselling purposes.

·       Kole Imports

Kole imports are one of the top wholesale suppliers. They have direct connections with quality manufacturers all over the world.  Then provide their customers with wholesale prices. They have experience of more than 3 decades.

Along with a number of other categories, they have the sterile gauze bandage in their over-the-counter products. Their products are accessible through the website. They also sell the products through other online wholesale platforms.

·       GFA Production Inc.

Genuine First Aid production inc. basically deals in medical emergency suppliers, products, and kits they provide wholesale quality of complete first aid kits with customized products. They have a wide range of wholesale bandages. Just make a query for customizing the order of sterile gauze bandage.

It is a trustful name for the quality bandage as they are certified for the first-class wholesale medical & mobility device production business.  The customers can check the certificate on their website.  They provide easy access to their customers through their online site.

·       Mercy Supply Collaborative

Mercy supplier collaborative big name for surgical instruments and dressing. They gain the trust of the customers with the outstanding performance of 25 years. They deal in bulk quantities for their product range. Along with the traditional, advanced wound care products, ostomy, urological, skincare products, the variety of bandages to treat every kind of wound. They are working with quality manufacturers to fill the orders of customers. They claim to provide excellent customer service to the clients for their good experience. If you want same-day delivery you can contact the Mercy Supply Collaborative.

·       Certified Safety Mfg. Inc.

Certified Safety Mfg. Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of first supplies including wholesale bandages.  Their experience of 55 years helps to understand the needs of customers deeply and then design the first aid kit according to environment and situation. Other than the innovative range of first aid kits, the customers can deal with the suppliers separately. The proof of their quality products is that they have their distributors in many other countries and customers deal with them. The online website is an easier option for making any quarry and placing an order.

·       Broner Glove & Safety

Broner Glove & Safety has a huge range of products that are necessary to protect and treat accidental conditions. It is the oldest name, as they have been working since 1933.  They deal in 8 different protecting categories like first aid emergency response, fall protection, eye protection, etc. The wholesale bandage can be found in the first aid emergency response under the head of the first aid kit products. They work actively for their business and provide every innovative and essential product that is demanded in this demand. Must check their catalog before selecting a supplier.

·       OTC wholesale

OTC Wholesale is another competitive name for acquiring a variety of over-the-counter products. They started their business as a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical supplier in 2004. Later on, to make their separate identity they started as OTC in 2006. They deal in multiple categories of over-the-counter products like electrotherapy, diabetic supplies, personal care, and home medical items.

As they deal only with the wholesale orders and provide them discounted offers. Their online website is available that provides convenience to customers and gets a fast response.


These are some options to find a sterile gauze bandage for stocking. We make this list due to their quality products and easier way of dealing. but they should not be the final decision. We suggest you check the other option also. If you don’t have any name in mind, join online wholesale marketplaces to get wider options of suppliers.

Well, this searching and the comparing process can be a little time taking but give more beneficial results. Try out our suggestions and share your reviews.

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