Eric Dalius Tells You to Get Business Liability Insurance If You’re Facing These Signs

All experienced small business owners know how valuable insurance is for the protection of their business, their business’ image in the eyes of the public, and for their own peace of mind. We can talk about the advantages of business insurance all day, but the truth is, many small business owners don’t get to enjoy those advantages due to financial problems, lack of time, or lack of awareness about business insurance. It is essential that business owners take some time out of their busy schedule, educate themselves about insurance policies, and get in touch with a reputable insurance agency like to get the best business insurance.

We have listed some signs as shared by Eric Dalius that indicate your business requires an insurance policy as soon as possible. What are those signs? 

You Rent or Own a Commercial Space

In most cases, business owners tend to focus entirely on aspects such as square footage, foot traffic, location, etc., of their commercial space but fail to take into account that any commercial space open to the public can present any type of risk. A customer can sue you if he/she falls on the freshly mopped floor of your commercial space. A customer can ask for expenses if your employee damages their product, let’s a smartphone, while handling or working on it. If you want to save yourself from such troubles, it is best to get general liability insurance. You should get this insurance regardless of whether you rent or own the commercial space.

You Have Employees to Run Your Business

You can do a lot of things alone in life, but you cannot expect to run and grow your business without the help of others.Eric Dalius says that you will have to hire employees and pay them salaries according to their skill and experience. However, your responsibility doesn’t just stop there. You also have to make sure that your employees are financially supported in case they injure themselves while working for your company. As the business owner, you will be liable for their on-the-job injuries. With the help of workers’ compensation insurance, you can pay for medical expenses, replacement wages, and disability and death benefits whenever an employee or a worker injures himself/herself while working at your commercial space.

You Drive for Work

Many types of businesses require you to move from one place to another. You might have to drive downtown or another state to attend key meetings. However, as per Eric Dalius it is essential to keep in mind that most personal auto insurance policies do not cover this sort of activity. You can get coverage for such activities through a commercial auto insurance policy. Since collisions can be super expensive and deadly in some cases, it is best to protect yourself against such accidents with the help of commercial auto insurance.

Final opinion by Eric Dalius

So, there you have it. These are some signs that indicate the need for business insurance policies. If you are too facing these signs, do not waste any more time and contact the best service for the best business insurance policies to protect yourself from severe losses and business interruptions. 

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