Five Items Made from Bamboo That You Would Never Believe


Bamboo has long been used in many cultures for a variety of purposes, as it grows quickly and remains strong when used for structures and furniture. In addition, it was often cheaper than other forms of lumber, where it is readily available and is an environmentally friendly option. As a result, it is used for many items that people would never guess are actually bamboo with current processing abilities.


Once processed into a cloth form, bamboo can be used to create any clothing item and many household items as well. It is a soft material that allows the wearer to feel cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter. It is often allergy safe and won’t cause irritation on sensitive skin. It is becoming a popular material for Yoga and other exercise clothing, as well as pajamas, underwear, and socks.


The regular plastic and nylon toothbrush is not environmentally friendly and can pile up in landfills with frequent replacements. In addition, the bristles can be harsh on the teeth and wear down quickly, making them not always the best choice for dental health. Bamboo toothbrushes are made completely of bamboo and remove build-up from the teeth, will not cause as much damage to the environment upon their disposal, and are built from environmentally friendly material that quickly replenishes.


Bamboo flooring is versatile, can be stained in a variety of colors, and is durable. It can last decades if treated well and provides a comfortable walking surface that is both stylish and sustainable. Though it can be a bit harder to find and may require an adaptation to the budget, it is a quality flooring that will age well in any home.

Pillows & Sheets

A soft yet supportive pillow and sheet combination can improve both the quality and quantity of sleep while also deterring neck pain and muscle discomfort. You can find A World of Bamboo sheet sets in Australia that use bamboo to make sheets and pillows with a breathable fabric cover allowing airflow through the pillow, keeping it fresh and cool throughout the night. The breathability also reduces the bacteria present and can keep the pillow healthy and clean longer than traditional foam pillows. It can also be adapted to suit any sleep comfort needs and will support the head without causing a stiff neck. If you love your bamboo pillow, there are even full mattresses created from bamboo.

Toilet Paper

In an attempt to create sustainable products and to reduce the impact on the environment, replacing frequently used products with eco-friendly choices can make a big difference. For example, using bamboo for toilet paper requires fewer trees to be cut, which helps protect forest areas, and as bamboo grows so quickly after being cut, it will not be deleted at the same rates as traditional wood products will cause. In addition, it is soft and gentle on the skin, making it well suited to toilet paper and even paper towels.

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