Brought into the world on 27 October 1878 in the town of Studen Izvor in western Bulgaria, Stamen Grigorov is most popular for finding Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the bacterium crucial for the aging of milk into yogurt.

In the wake of showing a premium in science since early on, Grigorov in the long run procured a doctorate from the Medical University of Geneva, Switzerland, prior to getting back to the school to fill in as an exploration aide.

His inevitable disclosure in 1905 of the specific strain of bacillus that causes regular yogurt was the consequence of a wedding present from his better half, who talented Grigorov Bulgarian culinary staples in 1904.

As per the Google Doodle, Grigorov was fascinated by yogurt’s medical advantages, so chose to examine the food under a magnifying lens.

After a year, the researcher found the microorganism, which was at last named to pay tribute to his nation of origin.

While Grigorov is most popular for his yogurt revelation, he additionally made other remarkable headways during his life, incorporating through research in which he exhibited the principal utilization of penicillin organisms against tuberculosis, adding to the making of the main immunization.

To pay tribute to Grigorov’s yogurt revelation, his old neighborhood is home to one of the world’s just yogurt exhibition halls.

The town likewise held a yogurt celebration on the 110th commemoration of the revelation, which saw local people showing hand crafted yogurt and cheddar.

In the wake of getting back to Bulgaria to proceed with his work as a specialist, Grigorov kicked the bucket on his birthday in 1945 at 67 years old.

This pre-owned penicillin parasites for the treatment of tuberculosis. Through his logical trials in-vitro and in-vivo on lab creatures and later on human patients, Grigorov exhibited the mending impact of penicillin organisms in the treatment of tuberculosis. Grigorov kicked the bucket on 27 October 1945, his 67th birthday celebration.

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