The Best Way To Choose Fruits For Diabetics

There are still those who think that diabetics should not eat fruit? Most who hesitate to include fruit in their diet assume that fruit contains sugar and carbohydrates.

It is true that diabetics need to adjust their diet. This is an important key to maintaining blood glucose levels in the long term.

If not, diabetics have the potential to experience complications of other diseases that can increase the risk of death. Such as problems with wounds that can be amputated, kidney disease, blindness, stroke, to heart disease.

However, the assumption that fruit is not good for diabetics is also wrong because of the fact that the sugar content of fruits consists of fructose and the fiber content is quite high.

Benefits of Fruit for Diabetics

Fruit is very good and can be a source of nutrition for the diet in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Some of the benefits of fruit are:

1. Most important source of fiber

Did you know that diabetics need fiber to help keep diabetes under control? Of course, the largest source of fiber is in fruits.

So eating fruit can help slow the absorption of sugar, maintain blood sugar stability, and is a natural source of fiber. Even better if the fruit (eg, apples, grapes, types of berries) chewed directly with the skin.

2. Contains nutritional vitamins, essential minerals, and high water content

Fruits are ideal for everyday meals. Nutrient vitamins and minerals very much. Likewise, the high water content is also good for diabetics. So that fruit can be a complementary food menu or a substitute for carbohydrate foods with vegetables and protein.

3. Minimize the risk of obesity, cancer, and other diseases

Incorporating fruit into the daily diet helps a healthier lifestyle for diabetics. Fruit also helps maintain ideal body weight and lose weight.

This has a positive impact on minimizing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart attack, cancer, stroke, and other diseases.

The Best Way to Choose Fruits for Diabetics

The choice of fruit for diabetics varies. Either fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or canned fruit without added sugar. Each type of fruit has many sugar content. It’s just that for canned fruit or fruit that has been processed, it still needs to be limited.

One way to choose fruit is to look at the glycemic index number. The glycemic is a number that measures foods that contain carbohydrates that affect the increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Vidalista and Cenforce 100 can help improve for men.

The glycemic index number scale is in the 0-100 range. The lower the score, the slower the food has the potential to raise blood sugar levels.

If you want to be safer, you can choose fruits with a low glycemic index which almost most fruits are in this category. While the choice of fruit with a medium or high glycemic index requires limiting the maximum amount per serving.

7 Kinds of Fruits for Diabetics that are Safe and Healthy

1. Lemon

Lemons are rarely consumed in the form of whole snacks, most people choose to take lemon juice to give a fresh sour taste to food and drinks. The sugar content in lemons is only 2 grams, while the vitamin C content is very high, making it suitable for diabetics.

Try to make a drink like infused-water from a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Leave it for one night to drink the next day on an empty stomach. Lemon not only helps diabetics to stay healthy but also helps to lose fat, thus preventing obesity.

2. Strawberries

This red fruit in the berry group contains a lot of fiber, rich in vitamin C, and a little sugar content. Can you believe that 8 medium-sized strawberries contain only 8 grams of sugar?

The sour fruit and often served as a cake decoration, should be eaten straight away fresh.

3. Oranges

Citrus fruit is a source of vitamin C and fruit that is safe for consumption by diabetics. Oranges in medium-size contain 14 grams of sugar content.

It’s best to choose real oranges, not orange juice, because they usually have added sugar in them.

4. Avocados

Avocados are fruits that contain lots of fiber and healthy fats for the body. In addition, the sugar content in this fruit is very little.

Avocado fruit can be enjoyed by eating directly, cut into small pieces, or crushed until smooth like a puree. Vidalista 60  and Cenforce 200, Fildena 100 use for physical health.

5. Banana

Bananas are not dangerous for diabetics. Therefore, this one fruit is suitable to be included in the daily menu to maintain health.

In addition, bananas are rich sources of vitamin B6, where intake of vitamin B6 can help diabetics overcome this vitamin deficiency.

6. Apples

Many health benefits to apples. This fruit is a source of polyphenols, which are plant-based mixtures that can ward off type 2 diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases.

Polyphenols help slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar. One medium-sized apple contains 23 grams of carbohydrates, vitamin C, 97 calories, and 85 percent water content. Super P Force can help improve for Ed.

Consuming apples should be eaten directly, rather than made into juice or packaged drinks. Make sure you wash the apples so you can eat them with the skin.

7. Pears

Pears are ideal for a casual snack. This sweet and fresh fruit contains very few carbohydrates and calories. One medium pear has 26 grams of carbohydrates and 100 calories.

Pear is an ideal fruit for diabetics because it has low calories and carbohydrates, so it is safe to control diabetes. Other content of pears is fiber, a source of minerals, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, beta-carotene, choline, lutein, and retinol, as well as a variety of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E.

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