Tips and Tricks to Get a Remote Job as a Software Engineer

Since the onset of COVID-19 many organizations have transitioned to remote work allowing employees to experience its benefits. With this, employees have enjoyed greater work-life balance and shown increased productivity as well. Seeing the benefits of remote work, more and more job seekers are looking for a job where they have more decision-making power in setting their own schedules.

Be it a remote software engineer looking for remote software developer jobs or job seekers seeking remote roles there are quite a few challenges that they need to overcome. First of all, there is no face-to-face interaction which is key to building strong relationships and clearly communicating goals. Another difficulty for a remote software engineer or someone working remotely who is not able to interact with his/her team on a personal level is learning from peers. It robs them of learning from members on their team who are more experienced.

This is why those looking for remote software developer jobs need not just take initiative themselves to get their dream job but also maintain the same level of intensity to remain successful. Below, we have some tips and tricks which you can use to land yourself the role you have your eyes set on for quite some time.

Stay Curious  

Any successful remote software engineer will tell you how important it is to show curiosity in what you are doing. For a lot of people getting a remote job is sadly the end of enthusiasm as they are content with just doing what is expected of them. However, a few months down the line with no one breathing down their neck their productivity decreases. On the other hand, a remote software engineer who is more curious and eager to know how his/her work impacts the business gets into the good books of both their immediate superior as well as the overall management. He/she who goes deeper into learning more about the process through which a task is assigned to him/her and voices honest opinion without hesitation is seen as a long-term investment.

Keep Yourself Updated

A key factor in getting remote software developer jobs is your preparation as per the current industry demand. Sure, you may have mastered a particular programming language or library but these days it is not enough. Developers who are familiar with online tools like Slack, Zoom, Trello, are preferred over those who are not familiar with these. At the same time, if a remote software engineer regularly attends coding boot camps and takes part in online courses to upskill himself/herself with the latest updates, he/she has a better chance of getting selected.

Prepare For the Remote Work Interview

The way recruiters and hiring teams conduct interviews these days has changed drastically. This is why if you are looking for remote software developer jobs you need to have the right answers ready. Some of the questions which are doing the rounds are mentioned below so make sure to have answers for them.

Which online tools are you comfortable with?

How will you keep in touch if those tools go down?

How will you solve a conflict with your team?

Do you have a home office setup?

Tell us a good and bad experience of working as a remote software engineer?

How will you ensure that you are staying motivated without an in-person supervisor?

Be Open to Feedback and Review

A remote software engineer who is open to feedback and review will show that he or she is willing to learn. At the same time, he/she is also showing that they are confident about other people reviewing their work. Most remote software developer jobs these days do have a smart system in place where developers can have a conversation over the work of their peers. This helps in sharing key insights and building a close community.

Create an Online Profile

Creating an online profile on Github as well as any other similar platform can help you land the coveted remote software engineer role. Such a profile contains all the information that a CV has; plus, lines of code that you have written. Additionally, it will also display all your previous work samples which recruiters offering remote software developer jobs can easily view.

Join an Online Community

The right way of leveraging remote work is by joining an online community wherein you will learn things from fellow engineers and developers. Since you are not in the office and cannot see what your peers are up to, you are missing out on what they know. By joining an online community, a remote software engineer will come across many talented developers/engineers who are building cool things that he/she would certainly enjoy learning more about.

How to Get a Job as a Remote Software Engineer?

The tips and tricks we have shared above for a remote software engineer will certainly help you get a remote job as a software engineer. Still, it can happen that the organization you have entered into a contract with or the freelance project that you have taken does not meet your expectations. Lack of communication regarding the project assigned to you and not getting paid on time can be some of the challenges. It becomes important to have a system in place which makes remote software developer jobs rewarding for both employers and employees. 

This is why you need someone with experience in recruiting people previously for successful remote software developer jobs. This is where Turing comes in. We help organizations hire remote software engineers with the right skillset after ensuring they pass our rigorous tests. has matched remote software engineers with Top US companies. Turing helps organizations hire pre-vetted developers/engineers using its intelligent cloud system which sources, vets, manages, and matches developers in a fast and effective manner. Our remote work platform offers one of the easiest ways to choose different developers as per your time zone from 100+ skills available. 

One can source the right remote software engineer from a pool of available candidates and select as per their experience level as well as additional skills if any. To hire pre-vetted developers, you just need to “push a button” thanks to Turing. Organizations can choose from a talent pool of 1M+ developers who are at the top of their skills as per their time zone. By offering you a free trial period of two weeks, Turing ensures that the developers meet your standards. 

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