List Of Federal Holidays 2022

Federal holidays are federal observances and federal employee entitlements that provide time off from work. The federal government observes 10 federal holidays, while some federal agencies observe more than 20 federal holidays! However, each federal agency has the option of designating up to 10 paid federal holidays in the federal calendar.

10 federal holidays to know

This federal holiday list includes federal holidays that are federal observances and federal employee entitlements. There are 10 federal holidays in the federal calendar, but federal agencies have the option of designating up to 10 paid federal holidays in the federal calendar. Federal holidays are not considered public or bank holidays by federal employees.
#1 : New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day is a public holiday that falls on January 1 of each year. It marks the beginning of the new year. This day commemorates the date of Jesus’ birth as according to Western Christian tradition, as well as his conception according to Eastern Christian tradition. It is celebrated widely by people around the world. The following days are also federal holidays:

10 federal holidays to know


This federal holiday list includes federal holidays that are federal observances and federal employee entitlements. There are 10 federal holidays in the federal calendar, but federal agencies have the option of designating up to 10 paid federal holidays in the federal calendar. Federal holidays are not considered public or bank holidays by federal employees.

#1 : New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is a public holiday that falls on January 1 of each year. It marks the beginning of the new year. This day commemorates the date of Jesus’ birth as according to Western Christian tradition, as well as his conception according to Eastern Christian tradition. It is celebrated widely by people around the world. The following days are also federal holidays:

January 2: Youth Day

January 7: National Prayer Day

February 16: Lincoln’s Birthday

February 21: Washington’s Birthday

#2:  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday (third Monday in January)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is a federal holiday that falls on the third Monday of January each year.

On this federal holiday federal employees are entitled to take the day off work. It is a federal observance and federal employee entitlement, but federal workers should be aware that many other federal holidays might see federal offices closed.

#3:  President’s Day (third Monday of February)

President’s Day falls on the third Monday of February each year


5 tips for traveling during a federal holiday

Traveling on federal holidays can be really difficult. It’s always good to prepare for it in advance so that you don’t have any surprises. One of the major concerns is how federal employees will be compensated if their federal holiday falls on a federal workday.  Here are some things you should do before taking federal holiday travel.

  1. Find out what federal holidays are observed by your federal agency and when they occur.  Some federal agencies may observe federal holidays that are not observed by other federal agencies; therefore, make sure you find out which federal holidays your agency observes before planning your holiday travel.
  2. Make plans early enough to allow sufficient time for preparations (check-in times, airport closures, etc.) to help make federal holiday travel easier.
  3. Call any organizations or agencies you plan to visit during federal holidays because federal offices may be closed for business.
  4. If you are catching a plane, remember that federal government facilities close two hours before scheduled departure times (this is true whether the federal holiday falls on a weekday or weekend).
  5. Review federal holiday federal employee entitlements information to find out if federal employees are paid for federal holidays that fall on federal workdays.

federal holidays in every state of america

Washington’s Birthday, also referred to as President’s Day, is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday in February. It honors George Washington, the first president of the United States. If federal holidays fall on a weekend day, federal employees are treated as if they worked their regular weekday schedule.  Federal employees receive holiday premium pay for federal holidays that fall on their scheduled nonworkdays during the workweek.

Benefits federal worker

Federal holidays for government workers are paid days off.  That is, if a holiday falls on a weekday, the employee does not have to come into work. Federal employees are entitled to 10 paid holidays each year. This includes all full-time employees in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government and the federal uniformed services.

There are no laws that require or prohibit keeping schools open on a Federal Holiday.  Typically, state and local laws apply.  Federal agencies follow federal holidays for federal employees guidelines when it comes to public schools.

Federal holidays in federal government

The following are all of the Federal Holidays observed by federal employees:

New Year’s Day, January 1

Washington’s Birthday,

third Monday in February Memorial Day,

last Monday in May Independence Day,

July 4 Labor Day,

first Monday in September Columbus Day,

second Monday in October Veterans’ Day,

November 11 Thanksgiving Day,

fourth Thursday in November Christmas Eve and Christmas Day , December 24 and 25.

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