Diablo 2 Resurrected Level Up Guide – Fast XP Farming Tips

Leveling up on your characters in D2R is obviously a great thing. Here is an explanatory guide on the basics of how it works, as well as a list of the best ways and places to pex solo or in a group effectively in order to reach the precious level 99.

When creating a character, it’s normal to imagine them reaching the maximum level, but it’s far from quick or easy in Diablo 2. How experience gains work in Diablo 2 Resurrected isn’t as intuitive as you might think either. There are quite a few special rules to follow, we from UTPLAY.COM will explain the main elements before moving on to the best experience farming spots.


Diablo 2 Resurrected XP

Your character gains the maximum possible experience by killing monsters that are in a slice of 5 levels above or below his own. Killing monsters of 6 levels less or even more is subject to increasing malus. A monster that has a difference of 10 levels and more with yours will only bring in 5% of the normal experience. So you can’t effectively farm very low-level monsters, or get power level easily by other characters unless speed compensates for the malus. This means in any case that you will have to take into account 2 parameters: Choose an area with a level adapted to your character, with monsters that you can kill at a good pace (without dying preferably). You can find a little further the recommended areas for each level slice.

Dying in difficulty Normal does not imply loss of experience. However, you lose 5% of the current level experience by dying in Nightmare, and 10% in Hell. You recover 75% of the lost experience if you reach your body (without restarting the game). You lose experience every time if you die trying to recover your body. The good news is that though you will lose all Diablo 2 Resurrected Items you collected but not lose levels by dying. Being killed by another player causes you to lose the appropriate amount of experience for the difficulty level.

In multiplayer, the life of monsters and the experience they give increases by 50% for each additional player, so it’s only more profitable if you farm faster.

The monsters killed by your Mercenary give experience normally. Killing a monster brought back to life by a Shaman for example does not give any (or loot).

Up to level 70, experience gains are normal, but from this point on, increasing malus are inflicted. It is horribly slow to progress through the 90-99 level range, since the malus ends up reducing your experience to 0.59% of its normal amount, combined with the malus of the monster level difference (5%). It is a very long-term investment, count hundreds and hundreds of hours, you are warned.


Optimize XP(Experience)Farming

In general, it is advisable to play at 8 in order to farm as efficiently as possible, whether it is equipment or experience. But this is absolutely not a necessity if you prefer to play solo.

Not dying becomes more and more important as your level increases (especially in Extreme mode, thanks Captain Obvious).

Experience Shrines will give you + 50% experience gained while their effect is active, it’s always good to take. You can go get one in Act 1 and then teleport to the boss room of another act with the effect. Just avoid getting cursed by Baal or some special enemies, it crushes the effect.

Having as much DPS as possible will help you farm faster, whether on your character, in your party in multiplayer with a good lineup (Bowmazone, Support Paladin, Cursing Necromancer, etc.) and an Act 2 Mercenary. well optimized.


Best XP Farming Spots

As mentioned above, if the monsters are too low or too high level, you will suffer penalties. Here are areas suitable for each level, they have also been chosen for the large number of enemies and the fact that they are not too painful to farm. These are usually good equipment Farming plans too. Of course, what is listed below is indicative, it is still necessary to reach the areas concerned, which will make you gain levels along the way normally.

Mode Normal

Level 1 to 15: Clean Tristram in a loop in Act 1. The Bloody Countess is a less profitable option but one that allows you to farm Runes.

Level 15 to 24: Clean up Tal Rasha’s fake tombs towards the end of Act 2.

Level 24+: Completing the Rite of Passage quest by confronting the Elders in Act 5 will earn you a free level.

Level 25 to 40: Make the Sanctuary of Chaos and Diablo in Act 4 and/or Baal in Act 5.

Nightmare Mode

Level 40+: Completing the Rite of Passage quest by confronting the Elders in Troubled Act 5 Nightmare will earn you another free level.

Level 41 to 60: Make the Sanctuary of Chaos and Diablo in Act 4 and/or Baal in Act 5 in Nightmare Mode.

Hell Mode

Level 60+: Completing the Rite of Passage quest by confronting the Elders in Act 5 in difficulty Hell will earn you another free level.

Level 61-95: Kill Baal in Act 5 in Hell Mode

Level 95-99: Kill Baal very quickly in a loop several thousand times, with different occult techniques of optimization of experience and time.


Appropriate Zones by Level

If you don’t necessarily want to farm a specific area, and if you want to know where you are supposed to be in the acts and difficulty modes for your level, here is a quick list:

Level 1 to 11: Act 1

Level 12 to 18: Act 2

Level 19 to 23: Act 3

Level 24 to 31: Act 4

Level 32 to 36: Act 5

Level 37 to 43: Act 1 in Nightmare mode

Level 44 to 48: Act 2 in Nightmare mode

Level 49 to 52: Act 3 in Nightmare mode

Level 53 to 62: Acts 4 and 5 in Nightmare mode

Level 63 to 73: Act 1 in Hell mode

Level 74 to 80: Act 2 in Hell mode

Level 81 to 83: Act 3 in Hell mode

Level 83 to 94: Acts 4 and 5 in Hell mode

Level 95 to 99: Baal in Act 5 in Hell mode

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