10 Things no one tells you about a Long-Distance Relationship

Having a long-distance relationship has both negative and positive aspects. There are some honest truths that nobody close to you can tell you before you start a long-distance romance, because even if they try you will not listen. Love and romance are wonderful things, and when you are infatuated at the beginning of a relationship, you are sure that love alone will be able to make any relationship work, long-distance or not.


  1. Long Distance Phone Calls

To stay connected with your new love, the easiest way is to call. But if there is a time difference you may only get the voicemail at that specific moment when you really want or need to speak with that one specific person. You end up having to leave a message on a cold and distant phone. After leaving your message you inevitably tend to watch your phone constantly for that important call, often keeping you from tasks that you should be completing. If there is something in your day that you want to share with the person you love at that specific moment when it happens, you may have to accept that more often than not, that it is just not possible!


  1. Time seems to pass so slowly

Time tends to drag along when you are counting down the minutes till the next time you can be together. And then when you see each other at last, every moment seems to fly past until it is time to part once more.


3.Flights used to seem cheap

Before you had a long-distance romance, did you look at the price of flights and think, “That’s not expensive at all”? Now that you are in a long-distance relationship it almost seems as if the price of flights has skyrocketed. All you do is try to save enough money for the next trip!


4.You become Independent

You start relying on yourself to do everything alone again, like before this relationship started. You work, you buy groceries, you do small jobs at home, you get through the days. This may not necessarily be a bad thing in itself, if you think about it because you can keep busy and learn to enjoy your own company.



5.Trust and Communication are a necessity

Trust and communication are extremely important aspects in any relationship, but much more so in a long-distance relationship.


To be in a long-distance relationship is already stressful. If you add the fact that you do not know who your partner is with or what they are doing, this can cause even more stress. Without honesty, trust, and complete openness in communication this relationship may be pushed to the limits and cause a break-up.

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