Back story of the number 241543903

We are living in a mysterious world. Every day we find different events happening mysteriously. But sometimes, the events are not mysterious but we make them. We cannot deny the presence of UFOs and spiritual powers. Many of us may have experienced such powers. We can find millions of videos on different channels. But today, we are going to discuss a number. The number is 241543903. Don’t you hear this number? In fact, there is nothing mysterious in this number. This number has spread a lot. Whenever anyone searches for this number 241543903, google search engine shows very funny pictures. So, we will discuss in detail about this number.

History of 241543903

It started in 2009. Very first time, David Horvitz posted his picture at a social website. He posted his picture on a social website namely, “Tumblr”. David Horvitz belongs to New York. He works as an artist in New York. David clicked his photo putting his head in a freezer at his home. He gave his picture title “241543903”. He posted this picture with Flicker account. His account to upload this picture was “SanPedroGlueSticks”.

Aftermath of uploading the picture titling 241543903

After a few days, the social network website issued some instructions regarding the number 241543903. It instructed the readers to take a picture same as David Horvitz. Furthermore, the post instructed to tag that file name 241543903. Thereafter, upload the same picture on internet. So, the users did it and millions of people uploaded their pictures. The users put their heads in the freezer and took pictures. They uploaded these pictures on Tumblr.

Motive behind tagging 241543903

Millions of people took the pictures. They uploaded their heads in the freezer. Thereafter, they tagged their pictures with 241543903. In fact, the aim of this activity was to see everyone’s picture. It further guided that by googling 241543903, everyone will see his picture in search.

How did it gain fame?

In 2009, this meme got fame. First, Orkut, google’s social network a social website uploaded it in Brazil. Thereafter, David Horvitz used his own skills to share this meme to his social circle. He sent the meme of 241543903 to 100 fliers. He further sent this meme number 241543903 to different young people. It has another unique feature. It is the only meme spread using IRL channel.

Facts behind the number 241543903

David Horvitz felt thrilled and excited when he thinks about this activity. In an interview, he stated the facts behind this meme. His friend Mylinh was sick during those days. He suggested she freeze her head by putting in the freezer.

On the other hand, the number 241543903 is the combination of his refrigerator and a bag. It was a bag of Edamame. He froze this Edamame in his freezer. He also added a bar code of noodles in his freezer. Conclusively, he added refrigerator, Edamame and noodles bar codes to get this number.

Key facts about 241543903

The number 241543903 started in 2009 when a New York man put his head in a freezer. Millions of people took pictures of their heads in the freezer and tagged them with the number. The aim of this activity was to see everyone’s picture on internet. David Horvitz’s friend Mylinh was sick during those days. He suggested she freeze her head by putting in the freezer. The number 241543903 is the combination of his refrigerator and a bag of Edamame. Conclusively, he added refrigerator, Edamime and noodles bar codes to get this number.

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