T: Secrets & Hidden Contents In Animal Crossing New Horizons

When it comes to Animal Crossing New Horizons, the developers put so much attention to detail into this game. New Horizons wouldn’t truly be Animal Crossing without hundreds of tiny hidden features and mysteries all around the island. There are so many different things you can discover. This guide will list all types of secrets and hidden contents in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


  1. A Special Invitation

If you’ve got any amiibo content, this one is for you. If you try and invite a villager who already lives on your island to the campsite, you don’t need a Nook Miles Ticket, you’ll get a special interaction with them and some unique dialogue. This interaction is honestly super funny as your villagers will want no part in camping on your island when they can simply enjoy the island from the comfort of their own homes. This secret is very interesting and it made us think that maybe there are more villager interactions out there that we just haven’t discovered or are rarely seen within the game. The villager dialogue in New Horizons isn’t the best, but this is really great. As Nintendo could have easily just said this village already lives on your island so you can’t invite them, but instead they chose to do some special dialogue for it.


  1. Overstaying Your Welcome

If you stay past a certain time in nook’s cranny, the two little twins will actually kick you out, which is honestly incredibly rude of them. To be fair, it probably is past their bedtime. So they literally have to kick you out, but the same can’t be said for the able sisters who won’t kick you out of the building even if you stay past the time that it closes, which is truly a testament to how hard these gals really work. Now with Nooks Cranny, you actually get some special music which sounds amazing when the shop is about to close. But this doesn’t happen for the Abel sisters. They decided to do this for nooks cranny, but not for able sisters as well. Especially since the shops do operate on limited hours, it wouldn’t make sense for them to do something like this for the museum. But for the shopping areas,  they should all be the same. Maybe in a future update, we could actually see the able sisters kick us out, which would be kind of hilarious.


3.Gift Exchange

You might have seen the interaction where one villager will want you to deliver a gift to another. This is something that is carried on from previous animal crossing games and it’s just a cute little gift exchange that will help you get more friendship points with whichever villager you’re delivering to. Not only are you doing that villager a favor, but they’re entrusting you with an ACNHitem that clearly they care about a lot. Since they’ve taken the time to wrap it up all nice. The thing is you actually can open these and if you do open the gift and you try and give it back to someone, you will get a unique interaction. They will quiz you on why the gift is open and you can choose to be honest with them or you can lie now personally. The best thing you should do with lying because they won’t know that you actually did it. If you’re feeling honest though, you can tell the truth but they may not always like that.


  1. A Tight Squeeze

It was noticed quite a while ago but w actually haven’t seen many people talk about this at all. It’s such a unique circumstance to trigger this. If you build two buildings really close to each other, Tom Nook will actually make a comment during the ceremony about how incredibly tight-squeezed it is to get in there.  It’s not a piece of dialogue that everyone is going to see, because logically most people aren’t going to place their buildings this close together. Plenty of people don’t even bother to attend the ceremonies.


  1. Re-Gifting

If for some reason a villager gifts you an ACNH item that you really aren’t so fond of and you just don’t want to keep it. You can actually re-gift the items back to them, this is something that you may have done before. What you might not have noticed is that villages actually know when you re-gift ACNH bells to them and they’ll make a little comment about it. Depending on their personality type they might be a little bit sarcastic, they might not mind at all. But generally speaking, all of their comments are going to be a little bit snarky, because you’re literally taking something that they gave you and thought you’d really like and just handing it back to them for some friendship points.

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