Protecting Your Home from Moisture Damage – Can Installing a Clear Tarpaulin Help? 

Since 2020, we’ve witnessed widespread flooding on most continents – from Germany to India. This sudden rise in moisture levels is down to human-induced climate change. Climate scientists claim the worse is yet to come.

According to the UK Meteorological (Met) Office, two-thirds of the world’s countries will have wetter conditions because of global warming. Extreme rainfall and moisture will become the norm in various countries as global mean surface temperatures keep rising. 

Understanding the Risks of Moisture Damage

Should rising moisture levels worry you as a homeowner? Yes. Water damage inside homes can lead to countless risks. If you can’t weatherproof your property and protect the most vulnerable areas from moisture damage, you can face risks like – 

  • Structural Damage: Moisture damage can have severe structural consequences for your home. Cracks in the walls of your rooms or cracks in the foundations are clear signs of moisture damage. 
  • Mould or Mildew Risks: Water damage and rising moisture levels invite dampness. Damp leads to mould or mildew risks which are very bad for your health. 
  • Health Issues: It’s common for people living inside damp homes to experience skin problems (e.g., eczema) or respiratory issues (e.g., asthma).
  • Odour Issues: Homes that don’t have proper anti-moisture protection often smell bad. The bad and musty odours come from moisture damage. Bacteria, mould, and mildew thrive in high-moisture conditions. 
  • Additional Repair Costs: If you don’t cover your home or belongings and leave them exposed to water damage, expect to bear the costs to repair them. Moisture damage can lead to structural repair requirements, electrical repair requirements, etc. 

The worst thing about ignoring water damage is that the problems keep getting worse. Before your home’s appearance, health, and value suffer, you must cover the moisture-prone areas of your home. That’s where a clear tarpaulin can be of immense help.

What are Clear Tarpaulins? 

Clear vinyl tarpaulins (or tarps) are protective materials used to cover outdoor items from moisture damage. They’re transparent, easy to use, and the cheapest water protection tool in the market. 

How to Use Clear Tarps to Protect the Home from Moisture Damage?

Here’s how homeowners can use clear vinyl tarps to protect their homes from moisture damage risks:

  • Shop for Different Sizes: Clear vinyl tarps come in a variety of sizes. They can be used to cover trucks, small outdoor furniture items, and everything in between. Pick a tarp that fits your purpose and use it for multiple years.
  • Use the Transparency Feature: Since clear vinyl tarps are transparent, homeowners can always keep their eyes on the objects they cover. The high-quality PVC material offers optimum protection. But, the extra visual assurance helps homeowners easily check for signs of moisture damage. 
  • Get Storm Protection: Clear vinyl tarps have immense strength. They’re ideal for protecting windows, doors, backyards, etc., during heavy storms. Plus, tarpaulins, irrespective of their size or weight, are very easy to set up. Homeowners can give their homes instant protection with these covers. 

Installing clear, vinyl, waterproof tarpaulins is the most effective way of protecting homes from extreme moisture damage. The cost factor makes these versatile sheltering sheets ideal for homeowners.

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