Grow It Yourself: 4 Things Backyard Farmers Should Know

Backyard Farmers

There’s a lot of debate over what makes a healthy diet, but one of the most widely agreed upon principles is that local food is the best food. Not only does locally-grown food tend to be the most nutrient dense because it can be picked at its peak and doesn’t degrade during transport, but it is also better for the environment. What better way to enjoy locally grown food, then, than by growing it yourself? You may be surprised by just what a positive and beneficial experience it is.

Nutrition Packed And More

There are several different ways that you benefit nutritionally from eating food grown in your own backyard. First, food you grow yourself tends to have more vitamins and minerals because you can be a conscientious steward of your soil. 

Industrial growers, on the other hand, tend to grow the same foods in the same plot over and over, depleting the soil so that the resultant crops are compromised. 

Additionally, since you have to spend time outside to grow your own food, you’ll get an increased dose of vitamin D, an important vitamin that our bodies synthesize when exposed to sunlight; many Americans have a vitamin D deficiency, but gardening can help you bridge the gap.

Know Where Its Been

Is organic food healthier or safer than non-organic food? Not necessarily and, when it comes to safety, how serious pesticide exposure is depends a lot on what the food in question is. That being said, if you’re concerned about how your food is treated or about the recent spate of produce-linked disease outbreaks, growing your own food is a great solution. 

You can choose what pesticides to use if any, how often, and what foods. Additionally, most of the food-borne outbreaks we’ve seen recently have to do with worker conditions, not the food itself, so it’s no surprise that such problems are rarely seen with homegrown produce.

Chickens Are Multi-Purpose

A lot more Americans started keeping chickens during the pandemic and have found it very enjoyable, and it’s very easy to get started – but even better, once you start keeping chickens in your backyard garden, you’ll find they serve a dual purpose. 

Not only will they provide eggs and meat if you wish, but your chickens can also provide nutrient-rich fertilizer for your soil. Just be sure you’re feeding your chickens a healthy, balanced diet that reflects what they would eat under more traditional foraging conditions. 

In addition to providing food and fertilizer, chickens make great gardening partners. Chickens can help till the soil with their claws and beaks, eat pests that might interfere with your plants, and even help dispose of yard and kitchen waste, helping you live the most sustainable lifestyle possible.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Growing your own vegetables and fruits and keeping chickens doesn’t require a lot of space and is a great way to keep moving, stay healthy, and even save money. And remember, even if you feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect, you don’t have to tackle everything at once. 

Start small, with some herbs and easy to grow veggies like tomatoes, and expand as you feel ready. Before you know it, you’ll be a master gardener with an abundance of produce growing in your own backyard.

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